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• 31m

We most likely won't get a new monster before the 30th

Winter fest starts then and here I want a new monster already

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• 7h

MHF-Z: Magnet spike movesets
【MHF-Z】超重量級×磁力!新武器種『マグネットスパイク(磁斬鎚)』アクションまとめて紹介!【磁斬鎚】【モンハンフロンティアZ】 YouTube
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• 9h

AT Xeno is the best thing MHW ever got

The fight is changed alot
Improvments on Xeno are super cool
New moves
Floor is lava
Some of the existed moves are also changed
More Frontier-ish AoE
Not unfair like EXmoth
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• 11h

Monster Appreciation Week: Ahtal-Ka

This week we finally look at the Final Boss of MHGU, better known as the Walking Treasure or Pavilion Mantis, Ahtal-Ka!

Monster Appreciation Week: Ahtal-Ka
Monster Appreciation Week: Ahtal-Ka Monster Hunter Wiki
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• 14h

First Ukanlos run ever

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• 15h

It’s out! My vid on that Hyujjabdjeendn ( Hyujikiki )

Haven’t done a Monster Hunter Frontier video In about a year, it’s been a long time coming! Check it out! Remember to leave a like, comment or if you are feeling generous, subscribe!
MHFZ: G-Rank Hyujikiki ( Swax F )
MHFZ: G-Rank Hyujikiki ( Swax F ) YouTube
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• 18h

Winter star festival coming on the 30th
Im asuuming it will happen on all platforms at once
MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD :: The Winter Star Fest is coming on Friday, November 30!
MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD :: The Winter Star Fest is coming on Friday, November 30! @steam_games
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• 19h

Monster idea:Elkadiros

Loud Cry Dragon

Elkadiros are elder dragons that inhabit swamps and marshlands. They quite illusive due to them sleeping in deep,murky water and come out to eat duckweed and grasses.

The Elkadiros has a highly developed vocal cords and can create painful cries to damage any attacker or shoot sonic blasts more powerful than najarala. It can attack with its hooves, antlers and tail.

It rarely uses its wings mostly to fly away but it can use its wings to blow away attackers.

The main protection of Elkadiros is the moss and various water plants covering its body and antlers whenever it comes out of the water and shaven off until it goes back into the swampy water.
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• 19h

The best boi

But with shitty camera quality... does someone knows how to take good pics of any drawing cuz Im getting tired of this type of quality

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• 22h

Weekly Mix Set #12: Aerial Hammer Set

So before beginning this set I would like to personally thank @MagicMonkey for leaving a nice and inspiring comment on my last set, that gave me the idea for making sets that allowed for a new and fun play style. So with that out of the way, this set is a Hammer build that focuses on its strong sliding and jump attacks, particularly its level two charge slide attack. This is a pretty simple and easy build to make, and the best part is is that your hammer requires no slots, which is amazing for adding other skills as well. So lets begin!

Weapon: Any Hammer YOU WANT!!!!

Aerial Hammer Set:

Dragon King Eyepatch Alpha

Diablos Mail Beta

Drachen Vambraces Alpha

Nergigante Coil Beta

Drachen Grieves Alpha

Handicraft Charm III


Slider Jewel x1

Flight Jewel x1

Critical Jewel x2

KO Jewel x1

Tenderizer Jewel x1


Weakness Exploit Level 3

Attack Boost Level 5

Critical Boost Level 3

Handicraft Level 3

Slugger Level 3

Critical Eye Level 2

Airborne Level 1

Elemental Airborne Level 1

Affinity Sliding Level 1

So this set, besides maybe the Critical Jewels, is very easy to make and isn't decoration heavy. Affinity Sliding actually becomes useful in this set, because as you're doing your sliding charge attacks, your boosting your affinity. Any hammer is good for this set, so if the Diablos hammer is your choice you can use it and put a Elementless Jewel in its slot, or for ones that have a level three slot a Handicraft Jewel for even more sharpness! I hope someone enjoys this set, and it revolves around an interesting mechanic. I'll try to do more unique sets in the future!

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• 23h

Berukyurosu you’re a broken joke.

I hate him so much, he’s going on the hated monsters list. Yes I fought HC as well. His AI is broken, flies into walls and shit, flies in place, breaks out of animation to fly away wyd. HUR HUR GIANT THUNDA AOE, it is a good thing I can roll and negate that shit from hitting me now but talk about a pain.

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• 1d

First Bloodbath Diablos

I’m likely going into my first Bloodbath hunt tonight. Any suggestions?
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• 1d

Forget your favorite monsters outside of world

So according to milla jovovich, the new movie will only focus on monsters appearing in MHW, so no more Gore magala, chameleos, or plesioth
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• 1d

4U Adventurr continues continues

Killed Rathian with hammer,she got destroyed

Tried again with a CB,even more destroyed...

And I had witnessed the birth of escort missions...behold,moving AI!!!! And Gore!

So I must kill Gore now? You guys said that Gore is heck easy but what did you guys do that make it so easy??? I'm confuzzled...

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• 1d

Deviant oh deviant

Okay i think we all know what is deviant but the concept is from past game like one ear garuga and one horned diablos but yeah they are crazy strong so i want to know what is deviant from your opinion
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• 2d

Nuke boi...

That sucka was fuckin big
MHFZ: G Rank Gravios ( No commentary, NUKE BOI )
MHFZ: G Rank Gravios ( No commentary, NUKE BOI ) YouTube
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• 2d

Next Video?

I made the video already, I just need to edit, probably tomorrow or the next day.

It’s a frontier video bois. Haven’t done one of those in a while, against a g rank Hyujikiki.
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• 2d

Fishing Spot at The Flooded Forest in MH3rd

Were i can find fishing spots?
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