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Monster Hunter: World Iceborne potential returning monsters and subspecies

So, we know that Nargacuga is returning to World in some form, so it's time to discuss some other potential returning monsters as well as subspecies of the new monsters we've already gotten (we are not going to discuss completely new monsters because they can come up with anything)! Here's what we have...


- Popo: Since we're getting an ice map, the most famous arctic Herbivore is pretty much a given here.

- Anteka: They share quite a bit with Kelbi, so perhaps they're somewhat likely? Not to mention there's a showcased armor that looks like it came from them.

- Tigrex: Since Nargacuga is in, perhaps the most famous pseudowyvern that shares skeletons with Nargacuga is likely to get in? Besides, it's very popular, so it's likely.

- Khezu: Khezu may not be an objectively good monster, but let's be real: it is one of the safest picks you can go with when doing a tundra-dwelling cave wyvern.

- Jade Barroth: Since this is basically a G-Rank expansion, seeing subspecies isn't too far off. Since we have an ice map, Jade Barroth is pretty likely to be added...


- Green Nargacuga: Expected as a G-Rank subspecies

- Zinogre: Well, Nargacuga got in, so perhaps it's a possibility?

- Duramboros: Another well-known forest-dwelling monster, not to mention it shares a skeleton with many other monsters in this game.


- Steel Uragaan: Expected as a G-Rank subspecies

- Gold Rathian: Expected as a G-Rank rare species

- Silver Rathalos: Expected as a G-Rank rare species

- Savage Deviljho: Expected as a G-Rank variant

- Super Bazelgeuse variant: Expected for G-Rank

- Subspecies for Pukei-Pukei, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath, Paolumu, Legiana, Zorah Magdaros, and Xeno'jiiva: Expected for G-Rank

- Rusted Kushala Daora: Let's be real. As much as we all hate World's incarnation of Kushala Daora, there's no way its rusted variant isn't getting in. Sure, it may be another appallingly unfun fight, but it's to be expected.

What do you expect will come to Iceborne? Share your thoughts below!

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• 2h

Capcom is releasing an expansion for world next fall called iceborne

Cant wait for it since it has a new map monsters and equipment

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• 5h

Quick recap from new dev announcement

In order of presentation:
1) AT Kulve. Will replace the normale one, and will give better rewards, as well as a new gamma set. 19 december to 3 january
2) First anniversary celebration. Quests and stuff. More details soon.
3) CDPR The witcher collaboration. Also with a proper geralt voiceacting. Early 2019.
4) AT Nergigante. Spring 2019.

All of the above updates will be free.
Next is the big one.

5) Iceborn Expansion. New quest ranks, new monsters, Ice map, new gears and new moves. G rank in a nutshell. It will be purchasable as a separated expansion, no buying the game again. Estimated to come out in autumn 2019. Will be the same size of other g rank expansions .
And also, nargacuga sneak peek.

The game will also have a free trial for a week in december. Up to 3 star Quests, saves transferable to full Version and online Hunt with players with full game. 11 december to 17 december
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• 6h

I still have a lot of hype... so Im going to release some of it in this post

Ok guys I have a lot of questions regarding the new map

Where does it come from? Is it a large floating area? It is related to the Old World? Or it was totally uknown by the guild?

Why Rathalos stopped to defend his territory just to travel to that island? Something attracted him? Maybe he was curious... or maybe another Xeno is located there... who knows

How will Narga arrive to the new world? Do you think that my boi Tigrex has a chance to come too?

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• 6h

Winter map confirmed

monster hunter world iceborne Yup
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• 8h

Orange espinas!

finally fought orange espinas in frontier, by far the hardest fight so far :P

Fighting orange espinas, The Thorned wyvern [MHFZ]
Fighting orange espinas, The Thorned wyvern [MHFZ] YouTube
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• 17h

Hey look, finally dropped those sacs.

I’m catching up on Pc because just Incase. Wink wink.
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• 20h

YOSSS, just got that damn Phantom Flufferfly

Now... Im just missing most of the King Size fishes and the flowering cactuar cutting ;-;

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• 1d

How do you copy and paste stuff from web browser to chat in frontier?

Or any other solutions? I’m trying to set things up.
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• 1d

Not sure if it is Huuuuuge or Hugely small kek
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• 1d

New monster

So if they announce a new monster I would personally like to see that fox type monster(odo skeleton)that was rumored few months ago
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• 2d

Can't Wait For the Refreshed Rants

Behemoth for pc is coming soon, so the rants are gonna be overly deja vu about how OP he is and how the drachen armor is the most amazing/dramatic thing ever!

... 4 weeks later: Ooo Behemoth is so easy, and drachen armor is too broken

... 5 weeks later: EX Behemoth is so damn overkill, but I must keep trying to kill it so I can get the drachen layered armor

... a few seasonal events later: I finally beat EX Behemoth!!! Now I can finally get that drachen layerrr-... Oh... I'm wearing the full real set anyway... rip me!
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• 2d

Checked out frontier ost

Aren't I missing out, and the worst part is I live in the west :/
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• 2d

Your best relic weapon(I know relic armour are pointless)in 4U?

So I can look forward to the sheer randomness of these motherlode of RNG.

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• 2d

New update

Capcom confirmed that a new update is coming and they will talk about it on December 10,what do you guys think they will reveal?
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• 2d


God this was one of the worst torture ever made in a video game, HR2 urgent quest in freedom.
This was just wrong. First they put it as an urgent quest, so you have to use low rank gear to fight them. And the armor isn't even a big problem, there some viable low rank armor to start HR, but the weapons are just too weak. The best GS you can get (wich is the upgrade of the one I used) has nearly 900 attack, the best lance requires days of white monoblos farming and going range means you wont have the materials to craft bullets. Your damage is so low that you actually have to speedrun them.
So I took my dragon bone katana and started the mission. The first diablos is always in the big desertic areas and the second moves between one of them and the other zones. Going for the first means you will get impaled by two angry diablos while going for the second means you will spend about 10 mins finding him. Oh and we're talking about diablos, so when he's about to die be prepared to see him in rage mode every time you land an hit. And that's not it, because it's first gen, so everytimehe changes area he takes like 30 second to dig out of the sand.

Done on my 3rd try, after two 50 minutes hunts failed and a 2vs1 rodeo. Killed the first in about 25 mins and "speedrunned" the second in 20 mins without using heals because I couldn't lose time. And I still have to farm 8 blos fang to get the lance. Nice.
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• 2d

Like what weebs say


(EXmoth btw)
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• 2d

Check out my FU YT channel

I play FU on iOS so the quality is kinda shit.
Will improve later
Also there will be MHST vids in the future just wait...
UkanlosZ YouTube
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• 2d


Are there any ps4 players will to help me. I need a certain weapon but i need to do the most annoying arena quest
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• 3d


My first rath armor in MHXX!
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