• I made some modififications on the template Infobox Monster, to make the interlanguage links automatics, and you revoked them. Could I know why ? If you think it is better for your wiki, it's your choice, but please remember I made it to help the wiki.


    Sorry, but I don't speak German

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    • Not all pages in need of interlanguage links have an infobox, therefore a separate template for interlanguage linking has been created.

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    • Yes, I know. When I have added the code, I saw that you had a Template for interlanguage link, but I found 2 defects:

      1. I couldn't see easily the type of the article (I wanted to use the code only for the main monster pages, not everywhere, to use the {{PAGENAME}})
      2. None of the template Übersetzung I saw was completed fully, generally only the "ENG" parameter (so, even if the same parameters in the main model are not completed, the interlanguage links can be active)

      I'm an administrator of the french wiki and I thought it was a good idea to create automatic links between wikis.

      P. S. : I don't know if you saw it, but I have modified a game model too, Infobox Spiel, for an example just have a look here.

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    • I've rollbacked my rollbacks. Do whatever you like.

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    • Am I a so good diplomat to convince you as fast? :D

      Thank you for your understanding, I realize that I should have prevented you, I hope this interlanguage links will help you and your community.

      I also hope we could work together, cordially, Houmgaor.

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    • Ein FANDOM-Benutzer
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