1. Keep discussions civil and be open-minded about differing opinions. Refrain from starting a thread or making a reply about any sort of controversial topic, such as religion or politics. Avoid asking questions that have been recently answered or posting on redundant topics. 2. Label posts under a proper category. Monster Hunter content not specifically related to an applicable topic (such a sharing art or collectibles, wiki activity, game strategies, upcoming game events, etc.) Should be placed in "General". Non-Monster Hunter content is not allowed, except in off-topic posts provided by moderators. The MAW/DotW category is reserved for moderator-provided posts and should not be used unless otherwise noted. 3. Posts should provoke thought and promote discussion. Derailing posts (changing the conversation topic away from that of the post) should be avoided unless the post's creator allows it, and posts should always remain relevant the category that they are tagged in. Especially low-effort or off-topic posts and replies may be deleted at any time as per moderator discretion. 4. Use of most cursing, derogatory, or sexual language is allowed, although it should be used in moderation: Users must respect others' requests to use more appropriate language in the event that they find themselves uncomfortable due to the language used. Language directly related to discrimination of members of groups (ethnicity, religion, sexuality etc.) as well as that directly related to sexual abuse are under no circumstances allowed. 5. Soliciting upvotes is not allowed. Promoting Monster Hunter related content, such as let's plays, streams, crafts, or fan art is allowed, but any other advertising is prohibited. 6. When posting art, screenshots, or videos, please give credit by providing a link to the original source. Screenshots from livestream videos should come with a link to the livestream itself. 7. Posting/discussion of leaks, datamining, hacking, cheating, modding, or similar methods is strictly prohibited. 8. NSFW content is not permitted. Questionable content (i.e. no nudity) is allowed in links provided a warning is posted and the thumbnail for the site/image is removed. 9. The use of multiple accounts (i.e. sockpuppeting, ban evasion) and impersonation of other users or people is not allowed. 10. In addition to the local guidelines provided above, you must also follow fandom's wiki community gudelines, found here: Local administrators and moderators reserve the ability to edit, lock or delete content that does not follow these guidelines. Repeated offenses will result in the account(s) in question being blocked. Have questions? Notice something that doesn't seem right? Feel free to contact wiki administrators or moderators either on the discussions or directly on their wiki pages, or contact staff through "give feedback" on the Settings screen!
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