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Monster Hunter вики
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These set of skills focuses on increasing the offensive capabilities of your Weapons, as well as preserving your Weapon's Sharpness, reducing its Sharpness usage.


This skill improves the weapons raw damage, adding up to 20 points of attack power per weapon class multiplier. This stacks with attack enhancements from food and items, which have the very same multipliers.

Skill Points Activates
Attack Up (Large) +20 Attack + multiplier x20
Attack Up (Medium) +15 Attack + multiplier x15
Attack Up (Small) +10 Attack + multiplier x10
Attack Down (Small) -10 Attack - multiplier x10
Attack Down (Medium) -15 Attack - multiplier x15
Attack Down (Large) -20 Attack - multiplier x20

The multipliers for each weapon class are [1]:

For example, if you are using a Bow with Attack up (Small), this will add [1.2 x 10] to your attack stat, or if you have a Great Sword and Attack up (Large), [4.8 x 20] will add to your attack power. For comparison, the attack power per class multiplier (of melee weapons) is 70 for all starter bone weapons, 350 for Ukanlos weapons and about 200 to 300 for the majority of G rank weapons.

Elemental Attack

This skill increases the elemental damage equipped weapons will inflict.

Skill Points Activates
Elemental Attack Up +10 +10% on Elemental damage (MHF2)/+20% (MHFU)

Spc Attack

The Special Attack (Spc Attack) skill increases the power of status ailments by 12.5%, such that fewer hits are needed to inflict the sleep, paralysis, poison or stun  status.

Skill Points Activates
Abnormal Sts Atk Up/Special Attack Up +10 +12.5% on status ailments.


This skill greatly boosts your attack and defense when your health is below 40%. It does not stack with Felyne Heroics.

Skill Points Activates
Adrenaline +2 +15 +30% attack power and +90 defense
Adrenaline +1 +10 +90 defense
Worry -10 -30% attack power and + 43 defense


This skill increases the affinity a weapon has. If the affinity goes from 0% or less to 5% or more, a sharpness based boost is unlocked: +10% affinity for purple and white sharpness or +5% for blue sharpness.

Skill Points Activates
Reckles Abandon +3 +20 +30% affinity
Reckles Abandon +2 +15 +20% affinity
Reckles Abandon +1 +10 +10% affinity

This skill gives +10%, +20% and +30% on each one of its levels, plus possibly an additional 10%. For example, a tigrex weapon with -25% affinity will totalize in +15% with RA+3, but only -5% affinity with RA+2.

Sword Draw

A popular skill among Great Sword users, as it guarantees critical hits (+25% raw damage) on all unsheathed attacks, regardless of the weapons affinity. This also works for charged attacks, but not with ranged weapons.

Skill Points Activates
Art of Unsheathing +10 Unsheathed attacks have100% affinity


The Gunnery Skill is best for Gunlance Users, as the Weapon greatly benefits from this skill. At Gunnery Master, it increases the damage dealt by Fort Weapons (Ballista S, Cannon S). Gunnery King also has that, along with increasing the Attack Power of Crag S, Gunlance Shells, and Wyvern's Fire. Not only that, but it can also shorten the Cooltime duration for each Wyvern's Fire uses.

Skill Points Activates
Gunnery King +15 Damage Increase: Ballista S and Cannon S
Crag S x1.5
Gunlance Shells and Wyvern's Fire x1.1;.
[Wyvern's Fire Cooldown decreased (MHFU only)]
Gunnery Master +10 Damage Increase: Ballista S and Cannon S.


Emboldened is a skill unique to Fatalis Z (both Blademaster and Gunner).

Skill Points Activates
Emboldened +10 Adrenaline +2 & Guts


Sharp Sword reduces sharpness lost by half while Blunt Edge doubles the amount of sharpness lost when hit a monster.

Skill Points Activates
Razor Sharp +10 Sharpness lost reduced by half
Blunt Edge -10 Sharpness is lost twice as fast

Sword Sharpener

A skill that lets the hunter sharpen their weapon 4x faster than usual. Activates at +10, does not improve. Popular among lancers because their charge attack decreases sharpness fast. Sword Sharpener only requires one stroke with Whetstone/Knife Mackerel (Whetfish).


  • Velociprey (gemmed)
  • Ceanataur
  • Battle


Sharpness+1 is an excellent blademaster skill for most weapons, as it unlocks a hidden portion of the sharpness bar, often enabling a higher level (color) of sharpness or rarely even two. Better sharpness means:

  • increased raw damage, especially with purple sharpness
  • increased elemental damage
  • ability to cut harder body parts without deflection/ bouncing
  • +5% to positive affinity (only for green to blue or blue to white)

The damage factors for each sharpness level are:

Sharpness level Raw damage factor Elemental damage factor
Purple 1.5000 1.2000
White 1.3000 1.1250
Blue 1.2500 1.0625
Green 1.1250 1.0000
Yellow 1.0000 0.7500
Orange 0.7500 0.5000
Red 0.5000 0.2500

The sharpness of many G-rank weapons will raise from white to purple, which means a relative bonus of more than 15% raw damage and almost 7% elemental damage. However, not all weapons gain higher sharpness levels, and blades with purple sharpness are not affected at all by Sharpness+1.

Skill Points Activates
Sharpness+1 +10

Extends the sharpness bar for melee Weapons.


When the sharpness level of a weapon is insufficient to cut through some armored body parts, the attack is deflected: The weapon bounces, deals 30% less raw damage and loses sharpness at twice the usual rate. Fencing prevents weapon bouncing, so the hunter will not get interrupted, but the attack power and durability penalties remain.

Skill Points Activates
ESP +10 Prevents weapon bouncing.


Edgemaster is a compound skill unique to White Fatalis Z Blademaster.

Skill Points Activates
Stellar Hunter +10 Attack Up [Large] & Sharpness +1