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Monster Hunter вики
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This set of skills will give you the edge in gathering resources, amount and speed of gathering are the most common benefits from the skills we will see ahead, and better luck for obtaining Higher Quality Rewards.


With this skill you increase the chance of getting the maximun number of items out of any and all gathering points, including mining points.

Skill Points Activates
Gathering+2 +15 Further increase chances of max items gathered from each gathering spot.
Gathering+1 +10 Increase chances of max items gathered from each gathering spot.
Gathering-1 -10 Decrease chances of max items gathered from each gathering spot.


Carving skill provides the hunter with both protection from interrupts when carving to extra carvings from monsters or tails.

Skill Points Activates
Carving Celebrity +20 Extra Carve from tails or monsters.
Carving Iron Man +10 Prevents interrupting when carving.


This skill increases or decreases your chances of breaking gathering items (pickaxes and bugnets).

Skill Points Activates
Divine Whim +15 Lowest % of breaking gathering items.
Spirit's Whim +10 Lower % of breaking gathering items.
Spectre's Whim -10 Greater % of breaking gathering items.


This skill will make fishes biting to hold of the bait for a longer period of time.

Skill Points Activates
Fishing Expert +10 More time to Catch Fish.


  • Makluva
  • Lobster Armor


The Fate Skill affects the number of rewards you obtain after a hunt. It may increase or decrease your rewards.

Skill Points Activates
Luck Boost +15 Better chance of more rewards.
Good Luck +10 Good chance of increased rewards.
Bad Luck -10 Chance of decreased rewards.
Calamity -20 Greater chance of decreased rewards.


Captured monsters will yield more rewards with this skill.

Skill Points Activates
Tranq Celeb +15 Often will increase the chance of more rewards from Captures.
Tranq Whiz +10 Sometimes will increase the chance of more rewards from Captures.


  • Tranq Jewel: Tranquilzr +1, Fate -1

Hi Speed Gathering

With this skill on you'll receive the ability to carve and search for items in undergrowth much faster. (fishing not included in this skill)

Skill Points Activates
HiSpdGathr +10 Gather, Mine, and Carve twice as fast.


  • Hide Belt
  • Melahoa Flower.
  • Melahoa Flower U
  • Leather S


This skill will enhance your movement when carrying a heavy item (i.e. Frozen Meatball, Carnivore Egg), and will also give you certain chance of not dropping the item when receiving small damaging attacks (for example from a Vespoid's attack), or falling from a certain height.

Skill Points Activates
Backpacking Expert +10 Enhances movement while Backpacking.

Armor: Chain Mail U

Red Guildknight 1