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If you didn't find the Skill you were looking for, it may be here, in this last set of Assorted Skills.


This skill allows you to combine items that can only be combined via Alchemy. In MHFU, you can have this ability just by having the item "Alchemy Guide".

Skill Points Activates
Alchemy +10 Can now combine for items that are Alchemy-exclusive.


  • Bone (Gemmed)
  • Leather Armor U
  • Makluva U (Blade)
  • Makluva U (Gunner)


The Anti-Theft skill prevents monsters from stealing items. Some known monsters that steal items are Melynx, Gypceros, and Chameleos.

Skill Points Activates
Steal No Effect +10 Monsters can't steal your items


The BBQ skill simply makes it easier to cook well done steaks and even Gourmet steaks with BBQ Spit/Gourmet BBQ Spit item.

Skill Points Activates
BBQ Celebrity +10 Cooking Steaks is much easier.


Increases the power of Bombs. It also makes bomb combining have a 100% success rate.

it changes SBB = 20 SBB+ = 30 LBB = 80 LBB+ = 150

Into SBB = 30 SBB+ = 45 LBB = 120 LBB+ = 225

Comrade Attack Up

Your Comrade attack will increase.

Comrade Defense Up

your Comrade defense will increase.

Comrade Guide

Increases experience gained by comrade after each quest.


With this skill on you'll receive the ability to eat Potions and other consumables incredibly fast.

Skill Points Activates

Quick Eating

+10 Oddly named, but doubles the speed at which you eat items.
Slow life -10 Eat Items at a slower speed.


  • Tigrex Armor (Blade)
  • Tigrex S Armor (Blade)
  • Tigrex X Armor (Blade)
  • GuardSprRaimentShin (Blade)


Item Usage Improve Makes items like Hot Drink, Cold Drink, Power Juice etc. last longer. For example, power seed lasts for 5 minutes, with IUI it lasts 10 minutes. On the other hand, Item Usage Decline makes items last for a shorter amount of time.

Here is a table for both these skills:

Skill Points Effect
Item Usage Improve +10 Items listed above and some others will last longer.
Item Usage Decline -10 Items mentioned will last for a shorter amount of time.


The Horn ability enables the user's Hunting Horn songs (effects) to last longer, and flutes break less often.

Skill Points Activates
Horn +10 Hunting Horns song last longer and Flutes break less often.


This skill gives the hunter a full display of the map without the Map item, or no map option even with one in inventory depending on the skill acquired.

Skill Points Activates
Farsight +10 Shows the Full Map at all times.
Map Unavailable -10 No map, grabbing the Map Item has no effect. You still only see area you are in.


This skill boosts the success rate of a combination.

Skill Points Activates Skill Points Activates
+45% +20 (U.C.) -5% -10 (U.C.)
+25% +15 (U.C.) -10% -15 (U.C.)
+15% +10 (U.C.)


Velociprey (Blade) 15%


With the Psychic Vision ( PsychicVis ) skill activated you will receive additional information on the monster in the map or automatically detect its position without needing paintballs, much like permanent Psychoserum.

Skill Points Activates
Autotracker +15 Boss Monsters are shown on the Map in Detail at all times, Direction Facing, Burrowing and Ceiling.
Detect +10 Boss Monster is Shown at Start of the quest and every 10 minutes, and can be Painted to show it in Detail.


When hunting in a group this skill reduces the chance of being a target.

Skill Points Activates
Stealth +10 Less chance of being a target
Taunt -10 More chance of being a target


  • Death Stench
  • Shinobi (Moon)
  • Mizuha
  • Mizuha Shin
  • Extravagant
  • Extravagant Shin
  • Golden Shin


Items that can be thrown (Paintballs, Flash/Sonic bombs, Knives, etc.) reach a higher distance and deal more damage.

Torso Inc

Takes the same skill points of the torso equipment. For example, if you have a chest piece with 2 Throw, 1 Map and -1 Cooking, and you have two pieces of equipment that have Torso Inc. The chest piece would go to 6 Throw, 3 Map and -3 Cooking.

An easy way to understand this skill is that it multiplies the skill points of the Chest by the number of equipments with Torso Inc +1. As an example, having a Helmet and Boots both with Torso inc. would mean to multiply the points of the Chest by (2+1=3).

Skill Points Activates
Torso Inc. N/A Increases the skill points of the chest.