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MHO-Gunlance Icon 022.png
A. Estrellian Gunlance II
MHO-Gunlance Render 022.png
(Lvl 1 ~ 180)
215 ~ 819
(Lvl 1 ~ 180)
Status Effect-Dragonblight MH4 Icon.png Dragon 95 ~ 362
Affinity: 0
(Lvl 1 ~ 180)
Slots: O
Sharpness: Green / Purple
Shelling: Normal Lv3
Rarity: 11
Description: ???
Passive: 13%~25% increase to Dragon element, attributeless weapons get 5%~9% increased Attack.

Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Creation Materials: Upgrade Materials:
--- Blood of the Stars x9
Arbiter Starlight Blood x9
Arbiter Terrible Shell x4
Arbiter Starlight Wing x6
Creation Cost: Upgrade Cost:
--- 128000z

Level Upgrades:
Level: Materials: Cost: Level: Materials: Cost:
10 Monster Material x40 100z 115 Monster Material x80 3000z
20 Monster Material x40 150z 120 Monster Material x80 3300z
30 Monster Material x40 200z 125 Monster Material x500
Monster Bone+ x5
40 Monster Material x40 375z 130 Monster Material x500
Monster Bone+ x5
50 Monster Material x40 450z 135 Monster Material x735
Monster Bone+ x10
60 Monster Material x40 525z 140 Monster Material x735
Monster Bone+ x10
70 Monster Material x40 675z 145 Monster Material x735
Monster Hardbone x5
80 Monster Material x40 750z 150 Monster Material x1120
Monster Hardbone x10
85 Monster Material x80 1200z 155 A. Estrellian Material x1210
Monster Slogbone x5
90 Monster Material x80 1300z 160 A. Estrellian Material x1300
Brute Slogbone x5
95 Monster Material x80 1400z 165 A. Estrellian Material x1390
Monster Slogbone x10
100 Monster Material x80 1600z 170 A. Estrellian Material x1480
Brute Slogbone x10
105 Monster Material x80 2125z 175 A. Estrellian Material x1570
Monster Slogbone x10
110 Monster Material x80 2700z 180 A. Estrellian Material x1660
Brute Slogbone x15

Weapon Path:
Upgraded From: >> A. Estrellian Gunlance II >> Upgrades Into:
A. Estrellian Gunlance I A. Estrellian Gunlance III
MHO: Gunlance Weapon Tree