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In-Game Information

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Abiorugu is an invasive Brute Wyvern species from the New World. This monster was originally a different species, known as Giaorugu.

Habitat Range

Abiorugu are a species that originated in the New World and migrated to the Old World. The Abiorugu has been seen in the Snowy Mountains, Jungle, Swamp, and Great Forest.

Ecological Niche

Abiorugu are high in the food chain. Abiorugu can easily prey on Aptonoth, Mosswine, BulldromePopo, and potentially smaller predators, such as Velocidrome. However, Abiorugu will attack and eat just about anything they can.

Biological Adaptations

Abiorugu is a rather nomadic creature, moving from one place to another in search for food. The bone plates on its back are used control its body temperature. It can both take in and release heat from these plates, allowing it to maintain its body temperature. This adaptation allows Abiorugu to live in a variety of environments. When enraged, muscles will raise themselves and the plates on Abiorugu's back will turn red from the expansion of blood vessels. This expansion increases Abiorugu's strength and performance in battle making the brute wyvern deadlier, yet weaker. From the increased blood flow, some parts of Abiorugu's body also become weaker to attacks, especially its legs. Its blade-like tail is crimson-colored bones, which can slice prey in half. Abiorugu can also fling bony spikes from its tail to damage prey from a distance. This monster has a flame-sac located in its body, allowing it to breathe fire from its mouth. Depending on the individual, an Abiorugu's fire-breathing abilities can vary greatly from rank to rank. Much like Deviljho, Abiorugu has highly acidic salvia used for breaking down food.

Some special Abiorugu have been witnessed in the Mezeporta district. These individuals have shiny orange spikes, purple eyes, and an unusual tail.


Abiorugu are known to be notoriously aggressive predators that mainly hunt during the day. Once provoked, Abiorugu will relentlessly attack foes for food. Though Abiorugu could be compared to Deviljho from their hunger, Abiorugu haven't been reported cannibalizing each other. Rather Abiorugu have been reported working together in pairs during certain seasons.


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