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Abyssal Lagiacrus is a Leviathan and a Rare Species of Lagiacrus introduced in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

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Its shell is a lustrous black, and, unlike its cousins, it is bio-luminescent. As such, its body is covered in vivid blue points of light, a color matched by its electricity-producing dorsal spikes and hood spines. Its eyes are a striking red that appear to glow among the murky depths, and the inside of its mouth is a vivid electric blue. The horns and spines on its head and upper neck are longer and more prominent than the other species of Lagiacrus.


It appears to always be in a fully charged state, with all of its spikes constantly glowing at maximum power. It can fire electrical blasts from its mouth, very much like the Ivory Lagiacrus' blast, that send pulses of electricity everywhere. The Abyssal Lagiacrus is unique among its brethren in that it is known to use the motions of its serpentine body to create underwater whirlpools that can disorient hunters and set them up for a devastating blow.


Abyssal Lagiacrus, as its name suggests, has been almost exclusively been sighted in extremely deep and remote areas of the ocean. On very rare occasions they can be seen on dry land.

Damage Info

The damage that Abyssal Lagiacrus takes in each state (e.g. rage mode), on different parts of its body. The areas with a darker or deeper red on the below image take the least damage and move up in a color scale, bright red being the most vulnerable to attacks.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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Logo-MH3U (2013) Logo-MH3G (2011) Logo-MHXR JP (2015)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Abyssal Lagiacrus Icon A rare species of Lagiacrus known only from an ancient scroll:
From the abyss' darkest cave
Comes the master of the wave
Consumer of the world entire
Devil of the sea most dire
Fear it as you fear the grave.


  • Its electrical discharge attack is much stronger than its counterparts, and also covers a wider area.
  • Abyssal Lagiacrus' roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
  • A Hunter can get five carves from it rather than the usual three.
    • Its tail will also yield two carves instead of one.
  • Because traps cannot be set in the Underwater Ruins, the Abyssal Lagiacrus cannot be captured - much like Elder Dragons.
  • Weapons with Purple sharpness will bounce off Abyssal Lagiacrus's head.
  • When low on stamina, it will fail to perform its electric blast attack. It has no natural means of recovering stamina; however, it will simply restore when it becomes enraged.
  • When enraged it will start huffing bubbles, the inside of its mouth will glow bright blue, and its body will glow even brighter.
  • The Abyssal Lagiacrus can do a spin to create 3 underwater tornadoes that deal damage and steal oxygen from the hunter. The tornadoes will vanish after a few minutes or after hitting a hunter.

  • The Tower's battle theme plays during the fight against Abyssal Lagiacrus.
  • The Dragonator of the Underwater Ruins can be used to damage it.
  • There is an exploit where players can go between two rocks with ranged weapons, and shoot at the Abyssal Lagiacrus, but it cannot attack them, unless it fires electric blasts or makes whirlpools. This is a popular technique among players to easily obtain materials to craft powerful Abyssal Lagiacrus equipment.
  • To get the Abyssal Lagiacrus quest, you need to get to Hunter Rank 70. However, an event quest can be downloaded that is available to be taken at Hunter Rank 8.

  • Due to the lack of underwater combat in Explore Abyssal Lagiacrus is fought on land.
  • Some of its unique electrical attacks make the transition to set it apart from Ivory Lagiacrus who it is otherwise identical too in terms of moveset.

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