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Weapon Overview

Accel Axe Icon White.png
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The Accel Axe (アクセルアックス 爆速斧: "Explosive Speed Axe") is a weapon first introduced in Monster Hunter Explore. The word Accel (アクセル) is a Japanese-made English world, abbreviation of the word Accelerator. Accel Axe weapons are named as (Prefix-)爆斧.

This weapon was designed to optimize the experience for Monster Hunter Explore's fast pacing nature.

Accel Axe Structure.jpg

The left grip is the main grip. The right grip is auxiliary, for (un)sheathing and maintaining the weapon position. The main grip lever is for gas compression, resulting in internal combustion, providing the propulsion burst for dynamic actions. The auxiliary grip lever once cranked, will open up the hatch and expose the heating fins that heat up the axe for the finisher Burst Slash. The axe blade is designed for heavy slashes.

Weapon Traits

MHXR Accel Axe Accel gauge.png

Like Switch Axe and Charge Blade, Accel Axe has a phial for energy storage. The energy meter is named Accel Gauge (アクセルゲージ), which it charges up when using non-propelled attacks. Most of the moveset require gauge to perform.

Key features of the Accel Axe.

  • Hyperspeed gap closer
  • Jumping capability
  • Create opportunity to unleash the big attack Burst Slash


Accel Axe is a situation-dependent weapon type that changes moveset according to the distance away from the targeted Monster.
MHXR Accel Axe Distance Indicator.png

  • Special button moves all consume Accel gauge to perform and all have long i-frames.


  • Close-range
    • Attack(Tap) = Triple Slash combo (三連コンボ)
    • Attack(Hold) = Explosive Slash combo (砲撃斬りコンボ) and Strong Burst Slash (強バースト斬り)
    • Special = Explosive Retreat (砲撃離脱)

Note: There's no shortcut for Strong Burst Slash. The move can only be used after the combo.

  • Ranged
    • Attack(Tap) = Dash and Dash Slash(ダッシュ斬り)
    • Attack(Hold) = Strong Dash, Strong Dash Slash (強ダッシュ斬り) and Burst Slash (バースト斬り)
    • Special = Explosive Evasive Dash(砲撃回避ダッシュ) and Explosive Roundslash(砲撃回転斬り)

Note: There's no shortcut for Strong Burst Slash. The move can only be used after the combo.

  • Mid-air
    • Attack(Tap) = Aerial Attack(空中攻撃)
    • Special = Explosive Spiral Dive Slash(砲撃落下回転斬り)

Supreme moveset:
Supreme weapons are weapons that add extra moveset.

1. Swipe in mid-air = Mid-air Dash Slash (空中ダッシュ斬り)

2. Heat Gauge(ヒートゲージ)

  • Heat Gauge fills up whenever using Accel Gauge.
  • Once the gauge completes, a blue button prompts and allows the hunter to enter Full Accel Status

3. Blue button prompt = Full Accel Status(フルアクセル状態)

  • A buff that only lasts for 30 seconds
  • Benefits
    • Movement speed increase
    • Triple Slash range increase
    • Reduce Accel Gauge cost
    • Burst Slash finisher damage increase

4. Orange button prompt = Spinning Burst Slash(スピニングバースト斬り) The button prompts when having sufficient Accel Gauge while in Full Accel Status.

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