The Ace Gunner (Japanese 筆頭ガンナー) is a member of the Ace Hunters. Like her teammates, she is also a Guild Knight.


The Ace Gunner is quite a friendly person with good judgment on subjects. Though she spends most of her time in secret from her job, the Ace Gunner will occasionally socialize with other people. The Ace Gunner greatly cares about all of her teammates, especially the Ace Commander. She is one of the few people that actually truly understands the Ace Commander's mood and feelings, making some call her the Ace Commander's Big Sister.


Out of all the Ace Hunters, the Ace Gunner has the best eyes. She can analysis and see things from great distances, much like an eagle surveying for prey, compared to most other people. The Ace Gunner can even spot Chameleos from far away.


She wears a special armor set, known as the Sororal Armor.


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