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Afflicted Monsters (Japanese: 傀異化 Kai'ika) are a type of monster found in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak. They are also known as simply "the Afflicted". Afflicted Monsters are found exclusively in Master Rank. They are fought during a special type of quests called Anomaly Quests.


They are monsters that have been possessed by Qurio, who seek new hosts to feed on. The Qurio can cause them to become violent and extremely dangerous. They first starting appearing after both Malzeno and Gaismagorm are killed during the main story.

However, the Afflicted Monsters will start to slowly die due to being incompatible with Quiro as their life force is slowly drained. The Quiro will then seeks a host to become Afflicted. As a result, the Afflicted Monsters are considered Elder Dragon-level threats because of this.


Afflicted Monsters' bodies become noticeably darker in color, their eyes become red, and they are constantly shrouded in a dark red aura. Notably, the Qurio surrounds them similar to Malzeno and Gaismagorm.

Unlike Apex Monsters, these monsters are not considered separate from the monster's standard form.

Abilities and Behavior

Like Malzeno, Afflicted Monsters can inflict Bloodblight with most of their physical attacks. They have two different states during the fight, the Delirious State and Pacified State.

Afflicted Monster fight like a regular version of their species, albeit they hit harder compared to the normal monsters and can inflict Bloodblight. Once time has passed, they can enter the Delirious State, in which their speed and attack power greatly increased. During the Delirious State, several glowing "Anomaly Cores" appear on their bodies; these cause significant damage if destroyed. Dealing enough damage to the monsters in Delirious State will force them out of the Delirious state, knocking them over and leaves them in a fatigued state afterward. Once destroyed, Anomaly Cores will reappear elsewhere on the monster body overtime throughout the duration of this state.

Failing to pacify Afflicted Monsters in time will cause them to use a signature move called Anomaly Burst, which is an explosion style move that deals major damage as well as inflicting Stun and releasing circling Qurio clusters that deal further damage in a wide area. Also, the lower their health, the faster they re-enter the Delirious State after being pacified.

Anomaly Researches

The Anomaly Researches can be access through Quest Counter. The higher the Master Rank is, the more options are unlocked.

From Ver.11 onward, a new form of Anomaly Researches called Anomaly Investigations were added, completing these quests will unlock new A5★ Afflicted Monsters in the normal Anomaly Quests.

The Afflicted Monsters in the Anomaly Investigations have a randomly-set level, the higher it is, the stronger monsters become. The reward also changes with the level of the quest. The maximum level of the Investigation is increased by completing Anomaly Researches, akin to Hunter Ranks.

Qurious Crafting

Qurious Crafting was a featured added in Ver.11. By using materials gathered from Anomaly Investigations, hunting gear and armor can be upgraded. This allows the option to customizes either stats of gear such as weapon stats and or armor's ability. Additionally, items need for Qurious Crafting can also be obtain at Bahari's Anomaly Research Lab.

List of Known Afflicted Monsters

Quest Rank Unlocking Conditions Afflicted Materials Afflicted Monsters
A1★ MR10 Afflicted Bone
Afflicted Hardbone
MHRise-Arzuros Icon.pngMHRise-Volvidon Icon.pngMHRise-Lagombi Icon.png
Afflicted Pelt
Afflicted Hide+
MHRise-Great Izuchi Icon.pngMHRise-Great Baggi Icon.pngMHRise-Great Wroggi Icon.pngMHRise-Kulu-Ya-Ku Icon.png
A2★ MR20 Afflicted Blood
Afflicted Dragon Blood
MHRise-Tetranadon Icon.pngMHRS-Daimyo Hermitaur Icon.pngMHRise-Bishaten Icon.pngMHRise-Khezu Icon.png
Afflicted Monster Bone
Afflicted Monster Hardbone
MHRise-Aknosom Icon.pngMHRise-Royal Ludroth Icon.pngMHRise-Barroth Icon.pngMHRise-Basarios Icon.png
A3★ MR30 Afflicted Shell
Afflicted Carapace
MHRS-Blood Orange Bishaten Icon.pngMHRise-Somnacanth Icon.pngMHRise-Jyuratodus Icon.pngMHRS-Shogun Ceanataur Icon.png
Afflicted Scale
Afflicted Scale+
MHRise-Tobi-Kadachi Icon.pngMHRise-Rathian Icon.pngMHRise-Anjanath Icon.pngMHRise-Pukei-Pukei Icon.png
A4★ MR50 Afflicted Claw
Afflicted Claw+
MHRS-Aurora Somnacanth Icon.pngMHRise-Goss Harag Icon.pngMHRise-Rakna-Kadaki Icon.pngMHRise-Almudron Icon.png
Afflicted Fang
Afflicted Fang+
MHRS-Garangolm Icon.pngMHRise-Magnamalo Icon.pngMHRise-Nargacuga Icon.pngMHRise-Barioth Icon.png
A5★ Anomaly Research 81 Afflicted Dire Bone MHRS-Lunagaron Icon.pngMHRS-Magma Almudron Icon.pngMHRise-Tigrex Icon.png
Afflicted Dire Scale MHRise-Mizutsune Icon.pngMHRise-Rathalos Icon.pngMHRS-Astalos Icon.png
Afflicted Dire Horn MHRise-Diablos Icon.pngMHRise-Zinogre Icon.pngMHRS-Seregios Icon.png

Note: Afflicted Materials in Bold can only be obtained from Afflicted Investigation of Lv.31+



  • Anomaly missions are unlocked after defeating Gaismagorm for the first time and clearing the main story of Sunbreak.
    • Raising one's Master Rank unlocks more Anomaly Quests at specific ranks, currently being 10, 20, 30, and 50.
  • Afflicted Monsters cannot be captured, similar to Apex Monsters. However, they can be trapped during combat.
    • Unlike Apex Monsters, Afflicted Monsters are not immune to Wyvern Riding. However, it is much harder to get them into this state without launching another monster into them.
  • While a Lunagaron surrounded by Qurio is encountered shortly before the fight against Gaismagorm, it does not have the standard red aura of Afflicted Monsters or any Anomaly Cores, cannot perform the Anomaly Burst or enter the Delirious State, and does not drop Anomaly materials, and thus is mechanically not an Afflicted Monster.
    • Additionally, despite being encountered in this quest, an Anomaly Quest for Lunagaron was not present in the game until the first Title Update.