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Ahtal-Ka are Neopterons introduced in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.


Ahtal-Ka is a large insect-like monster. It somewhat resembles a devil's flower mantis in appearance and the color scheme is similar to that of a classical Egyptian Pharaoh. It looks like an insectoid sphinx. The majority of the body is golden. It has six limbs, each of which are yellow with a set of purple triangles beneath them. All six are legs, four of which are for walking and two of which are raptorial; at the end of the main legs are small tarsi/feet while the forelegs have elaborate wing like extensions at the base and have a pair of large hooks at the ends. The Ahtal-Ka has a large headpiece that has alternating gold and blue lines like those on a Pharaoh's crown. It has a pair of purple eyes, each with a minuscule black pupil (much like a mantis).

Its "walking fortress'", the Empress' Throne is a towering war machine crudely assembled from scrap metal, debris from ruins, and the Ahtal-Ka's own silk. It is quadrupedal in structure, with a "head" vaguely reminiscent of a wyvern's and a tail tipped with metal spikes. The Ahtal-Ka's silk is visible through gaps in the joints and armor plating, and allows the Ahtal-Ka to control the movement of its creation like a marionette. While controlling the Empress' Throne, the Ahtal-Ka itself is covered in a silken cocoon hidden in the "chest" of the machine.


Ahtal-Ka compensates its lack of physical strength with cunning, using the golden silk it produces to bind to its back some steel beams it throws at enemies. Even without them, it is a dangerous opponent which attacks with its sharp claws and produces a pheromone that reduces the hunters' defense.

When cornered, it uses the silk to pull out of the ground the massive Empress' Throne, inside which it hides and controls like a puppet to crush foes. In this state, it takes advantage of the physical strength of its creation, stomping its legs on the ground to generate quakes that send hunters flying or shooting silk from the cocoon in the center of the machine to immobilize them.

Once it suffered enough the damage, the Throne disassembles and the monster returns to fight normally. This time, however, it binds a Dragonator to its back, hurling it at enemies like a spear. Additonally, using the golden silk, it can lift in the air up to three Dragonators and throw them at hunters.

When enough damage has been dealt to it, Ahtal-Ka digs at the center of the area and pulls out the Empress' Throne once again. This time, however, it can attack hunters on its back directly, using the machine's "tail" to throw them off or expelling the pheromone from the small cocoon.

Once the Empress' Throne is finally destroyed, Ahtal-Ka emerges from it, having binded to its back the last piece remaining of its creation: a massive wheel, which previously kept stuck in the machine's back. In this final phase, it sprinkles the whole area with silk (which can trap hunters whos step on it) and fights mainly with the wheel, using it to move quickly and swinging it around. In addition to this, it can pull out of the ground three Dragonators and spinning them around itself, dealing massive damage to hunters.

Game Appearances

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Main Series


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  • Gyuakuten Othellonia

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter XX
MHGU-Ahtal-Ka Icon.png The golden empress of praying mantises resides in a huge, ruined castle. She flattens towns and fortresses, and uses the wreckage to build her lair ever larger. It's rumored that the Empress's Throne, as it is known, is strewn with golden cocoons and webbing, which contain stolen treasures.

Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★★★


  • It is the final boss of Generations Ultimate.
  • The fact it uses a wheel as a weapon in its last phase is a possible reference to its fighting style in general. It has fought with human weapons all the time and in the end, its last resort is humanity's first invention.
  • Ahtal-Ka's two themes constantly alternates during the fight. The first one (Queen Haunting the Castle Ruins) plays when the monster fights normally, while the second one (Writhing Castle Ruins) plays when it pulls out the Empress' Throne.
  • It is possible for hunters to climb on the Empress' Throne when it stomps the legs on the ground and remains stuck or after breaking the silk wrapped around its "toes".
  • Once enough damage has been dealt to the small cocoon on its back, the Throne collapses on the ground and exposes the head, through which is possible to reach the giant cocoon where Ahtal-Ka is hiding.
  • During the hunt, the Hunters' Pub will send in some supplies to help the hunters. They consist of Ballistas' Ammos or Cannon Balls which can be used to shoot the Empress' Throne and make it fall.
  • The Dragonator can be used to damage the Empress' Throne and make it fall on the ground, but after emerging from it, Ahtal-Ka will always block it with silk to prevent hunters from using it.
  • The spokes of the wheel it ties to its back during the last phase form two X, a possible reference to the game's japanese name (Monster Hunter XX, also known as Double Cross).
  • Once slayed, the walls it kept erected with the silk crumble, allowing light to penetrate inside the Forlorn Citadel once again.
  • The attack where it pulls out three Dragonators and spins them around itself was used again in Monster Hunter Rise, where it appears as Narwa the Allmother's ultimatallowing. However, Narwa uses two sets rotating opposite to each other.
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