Ahtal-Ka are Neopterons introduced in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.


Ahtal-Ka is a large insect-like monster. It somewhat resembles a devil's flower mantis in appearance and the color scheme is similar to that of a classical Egyptian Pharaoh. It looks like an insectoid sphinx. The majority of the body is golden. It has six limbs, each of which are yellow with a set of purple triangles beneath them. There are four "legs" and two "claws"; at the end of the "legs" are small claws/talons while the "claws" have elaborate wing like extensions at the base and have a pair of large hooks at the ends. The Ahtal-Ka has a large headpiece that has alternating gold and blue lines like those on a Pharaoh's crown. It has a pair of purple eyes, each with a minuscule black pupil (much like a mantis).

Its "walking fortress'", the Empress' Throne is a towering war machine crudely assembled from scrap metal, debris from ruins, and the Ahtal-Ka's own silk. It is quadrupedal in structure, with a "head" vaguely reminiscent of a wyvern's and a tail tipped with metal spikes. The Ahtal-Ka's silk is visible through gaps in the joints and armor plating, and allows the Ahtal-Ka to control the movement of its creation like a marionette. While controlling the Empress' Throne, the Ahtal-Ka itself is covered in a silken cocoon hidden in the "chest" of the machine.

Game Appearances

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Main Series


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  • Gyuakuten Othellonia

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter XX
MHGU-Ahtal-Ka Icon.png The golden empress of praying mantises resides in a huge, ruined castle. She flattens towns and fortresses, and uses the wreckage to build her lair ever larger. It's rumored that the Empress's Throne, as it is known, is strewn with golden cocoons and webbing, which contain stolen treasures.

Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★★★

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