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When this huge Bird Wyvern stands on one leg, its peculiar collar gives it the appearance of a monstrous parasol. It is fiercely territorial, and whenever it finds intruders, it spreads its wings and unfolds the eye-like crest on its head to terrifying effect.

Aknosom is a Bird Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter Rise.


Aknosom is crane-like in appearance. It has a large red and gold parasol-like collar around its head, and this same coloration can be found on its wings and on its eye-like head-crest, which can be used for intimidation. It has a long beak and yellow eyes. It's covered in white scales, while some of these scales become feathered[2], and it has long narrow legs. Its tail also ends in a peculiar hook-like shape. Aknosom is capable of standing on one leg.

Behavior and Abilities

Aknosom is said to be very territorial, and will try to scare any intruders away by displaying its crest.

Aknosom is capable of using its collar as a defensive shield or a bludgeoning weapon by fanning it out. It will try and intimidate opponents using its collars and their head crests. Its beak is tough enough to be stabbed into the ground with considerable force without sustaining damage. It is able to spit small fireballs as well, which bounce across the ground and leave small patches of flames behind. It is also capable of rushing at very high speed, and using its blade tipped wings to swipe at enemies. It is also capable of flight and aerial attacks.

Game Data


Hitzone Damage Data
Hitzone Cutting Damage Impact Damage Shot Damage
Head 63 80 50
Crest 63 50 40
Neck 43 43 20
Torso 38 38 20
Wing 63 50 40
Leg 36 36 10
Tail 43 43 25
Tail Tip 36 36 30
Breakable Parts: Beak, Crest, Wing(Individually), Tail
Element Weakness Damage Data
Hitzone Status Effect-Fireblight MH4 Icon.png Fire Status Effect-Waterblight MH4 Icon.png Water Status Effect-Thunderblight MH4 Icon.png Thunder Status Effect-Iceblight MH4 Icon.png Ice Status Effect-Dragonblight MH4 Icon.png Dragon
Head 0 15 10 5 0
Crest 0 0 20 0 0
Neck 0 15 15 5 0
Torso 0 15 10 5 0
Wing 0 20 20 15 0
Leg 0 35 30 25 0
Tail 0 20 15 10 0
Tail Tip 0 30 20 5 0
Ailment Effectiveness
Ailments Effectiveness Ailments Effectiveness
Poison Stun
Paralysis Sleep
Blast ★★ Exhaust
Fireblight Waterblight ★★
Thunderblight Iceblight

Hunting Tips

It can manipulate the umbrella-shaped crest on its head to curl up, fan out, or shut tight. Observe its shape closely, and you might be able to predict which attack it will use next.
- MHRise's Hunter's Note

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Rise
MHRise-Aknosom Icon.png Tending to stand on one leg, this monster somewhat resembles an umbrella. The Aknosom is highly territorial; it will spread out its wings and show off its characteristic comb to scare off threats. It also bears flammable venom that burns fiercely and lingers on the ground when lit. Draw the beast to water for an easier fight.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★


This section is about monster materials obtained from hunting Aknosom in Monster Hunter Rise. For a list of acquistion chances, see Aknosom Carves

Low Rank

Name Rarity Price
5thGen Item Icon-Scale White.svg
Aknosom Scale
Rare-4 340z
An Aknosom scale that glows with a stunning ivory light. A popular material.
5thGen Item Icon-Monster Part White.svg
Aknosom Feather
Rare-4 490z
Feathered Aknosom scale treasured for its use in umbrellas. Sturdy yet light.
MHRise Item Icon-Head Orange.svg
Aknosom Beak
Rare-4 640z
Aknosom beak that appears to be wearing lipstick. Used in arts and crafts.
MHRise Item Icon-Sac Red.svg
Flame Sac
Rare-4 300z
A monster organ filled with flammable powder. Handle with extreme care.
5thGen Item Icon-Bone Yellow.svg
Monster Bone M
Rare-4 200z
A nicely-sized bone. Strong yet flexible, it's as reliable as steel and wood.
MHRise Item Icon-Hide Orange.svg
Aknosom Crest
Rare-4 700z
An Aknosom comb. The eyeball motif on the forehead shows up in many a ghost story.
5thGen Item Icon-Monster Part Blue.svg
Wyvern Tear
Rare-4 300z
Bitter tears wept by wyverns on certain occasions. (Account Item)

High Rank

Name Rarity Price
5thGen Item Icon-Scale White.svg
Aknosom Scale+
Rare-6 1020z
Armor woven from these beautiful white scales is in demand among the royal guards.
5thGen Item Icon-Monster Part White.svg
Aknosom Feather+
Rare-6 1520z
Quality Aknosom feather. Swing it like a blade or layer it into a shield.
MHRise Item Icon-Head Orange.svg
Aknosom Beak
Rare-4 640z
Aknosom beak that appears to be wearing lipstick. Used in arts and crafts.
MHRise Item Icon-Sac Red.svg
Inferno Sac
Rare-6 850z
A monster organ filled with powder that ignites if it so much as touches air. Danger!
5thGen Item Icon-Ball Blue.svg
Bird Wyvern Gem
Rare-7 4800z
A valuable gem that can be harvested from bird wyverns. Said to fetch a high price on the market.
MHRise Item Icon-Bone Pink.svg
Monster Keenbone
Rare-6 850z
A rare bone with a razor-sharp tip that retains its strength even when crafted.
MHRise Item Icon-Hide Orange.svg
Aknosom Crest+
Rare-6 2200z
Giant and flashy, this Aknosom comb looks like an elegant decorative fan. The eyeball motif on the forehead shows up in many a ghost story.
5thGen Item Icon-Monster Part Blue.svg
Wyvern Tear
Rare-4 300z
Bitter tears wept by wyverns on certain occasions. (Account Item)
5thGen Item Icon-Monster Part Blue.svg
Large Wyvern Tear
Rare-4 500z
Large, bitter tears wept by wyverns on certain occasions. (Account Item)


  • Aknosom is based off of the Kasa-obake yokai from Japanese folklore, and was made by combining the yokai with a crane.[3]
    • Its fire powers may be derived from the Basan.


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