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In-Game Information

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Akura Jebia are large scorpion-like Carapaceons closely related to Akura Vashimu.

Habitat Range

Akura Jebia can be seen living in the Desert and Swamp with their relatives.

Ecological Niche

Akura Jebia are top predators of their environment armed with powerful claws, crystal mace tails, and the ability to shoot a high-pressure liquid crystal beam. Akura Jebia are ambush predators that lure prey. The prey it feeds on include Genprey, Ioprey, Apceros, and Aptonoth. Its only known predator is Odibatorasu.

Biological Adaptations

Akura Jebia has many of the same adaptions as Akura Vashimu, though there are some differences between both species. Unlike Akura Vashimu, Akura Jebia's crystals are far sharper, making them far more effective weapons. Unlike its relative, Akura Jebia is still able to grow crystals on its tail stub, even after its tail is removed. These small crystals are loose and covered in the rare red blood. These crystals can be used as fast exploding projectiles in emergencies such as tail loss.


Akura Jebia are known for being more aggressive and wild in battle, unlike Akura Vashimu, making them more dangerous.


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