Alatreon is an Elder Dragon introduced in Monster Hunter 3.


Alatreon is elementally unstable, possessing control over the Dragon, Fire, Ice, Thunder and Water elements. When transitioning into Flight Mode, Alatreon will fly high into the air and can rain down ice crystals. Some ice crystals fall on random spots while others may target certain players. Alatreon will only use the Water elements while in the air. It is said that it has the abilities of all the True Elder Dragons (Kushala Daora, Chameleos, Lunastra, Teostra, Vaal Hazak, Velkhana and Namielle), although, since it is elementally unstable, it is unable to truly harness that power.

Now it is able to call down Lightning to strike the hunter, much like the White Fatalis, both on the ground or in the air. When it is about to perform this attack, its horns will crackle with lightning, damaging anything in contact with it. Its colors are also more pronounced and shift to reflect its various elemental modes.


Alatreons are very territorial. This may be the reason why no other monsters live in the Sacred Land. Alatreon might attack most of its prey from the air, giving it an advantage over most other monsters. It also is very aggressive towards flying objects, mainly airships.


Alatreon are fought in the Sacred Land, an area within the Volcano. They presumably have access to any point within the Volcano when they hunt for food, and they may even venture beyond the volcano at times. They're also seen in the Ingle Isle. In the New World they have been sighted in the Secluded Valley, given the absence of its original resident. Interestingly, individuals found in the New World appear distinctly smaller than the specimens found in the Sacred Land.

Game Appearances

Main Series


  • None

Game Data

MH3 Elemental/Status Effectiveness

Element Damage (Ground)
Hitzone Fire.png Water.png Thunder.png Ice.png Dragon.png
Head 0 15 5 20 5
Neck 0 10 5 15 5
Stomach 0 10 5 15 5
Feet 0 10 5 15 5
Wing 0 10 5 15 5
Tail 0 10 5 15 5
Element Damage (Flight)
Hitzone Fire.png Water.png Thunder.png Ice.png Dragon.png
Head 20 5 0 0 25
Neck 15 5 0 0 20
Stomach 15 5 0 0 20
Feet 15 5 0 0 20
Wing 15 5 0 0 15
Tail 15 5 0 0 20

Status Effect
  Poison Paralysis Sleep Fatigue Stun
Initial Tolerance 180 150 180 --- 120
Tolerance Increase +150 (780 max) +160 (950 max) +170 (1030 max) --- +120 (600 max)
Tolerance Recovery 5 per 10 sec 5 per 10 sec 5 per 10 sec --- 5 per 10 sec
Duration 10 sec 15 sec 60 sec --- 15 sec
Damage 55 0 0 --- 0

MHP3rd Elemental/Status Effectiveness

Information are taken from

Ground mode
Hitzone Cut. D. Imp. D. Fire.png Water.png Thunder.png Ice.png Dragon.png
Head 60 65 0 15 5 20 5
Neck 40 35 0 10 5 15 5
Belly 35 30 0 10 5 15 5
Feet 25 25 0 10 5 15 5
Wings 21 21 0 5 5 10 5
Tail 30 30 0 5 5 10 5
Flight mode
Hitzone Cut. D. Imp. D. Fire.png Water.png Thunder.png Ice.png Dragon.png
Head 60 65 20 15 0 0 30
Neck 40 35 15 10 0 0 20
Belly 35 30 15 10 0 0 20
Feet 38 38 15 10 0 0 20
Wings 25 25 15 5 0 0 10
Tail 30 30 15 10 0 0 20

Item Effectiveness

Item Effectiveness Duration Notes
Flash Bomb ★☆☆ ? Used to get a hovering Alatreon to land for a short period of time. In confused state, dragon charge attack will only be a normal charge attack (no dragon element).
Sonic Bomb ☆☆☆ ---
Dung Bomb ☆☆☆ ---
Meat ☆☆☆ ---

MH3 Damage Effectiveness

For the damage formula (how it's calculated), hitzone charts, Alatreon info and more click the following links: Monster Hunter 3 Damage Formula or Monster Hunter 3 Hitzone Charts. Images created by Inkoseh.

Breakable Parts

Horns (x2)
Front Claws (x2)
Tail (Sever)
Left Wing
Right Wing


For carves and materials from other games, see Alatreon Carves

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter 3
MH3-Question Mark Icon.png Blazing black dragons, so named for resembling both lightning and darkness. They mercilessly tear apart whoever touches their sharp scales. Elementally unstable, their actions can affect the very weather. Living natural disasters.
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
MHP3-Question Mark Icon.png その姿は稲妻の様とも闇の様とも噂され“煌黒龍”と伝えられる古龍。全身を鋭い逆鱗で覆われており触れる者全てを無慈悲に引き裂く。また、自らに宿す属性が非常に不安定なため周囲の天候をも急変させてしまうという。まさに“天災”。
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
MH3U-Question Mark Icon.png Blazing black dragons, so named for resembling both lightning and darkness. They mercilessly tear apart whoever touches their sharp scales. Elementally unstable, their actions can affect the very weather. Living natural disasters.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★
Monster Hunter Generations
MH4U-Unknown Icon.png Blazing black dragons, so named for resembling both lightning and darkness. They mercilessly tear apart whoever touches their sharp scales. Elementally unstable, their actions can affect the very weather. Living natural disasters.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★★★
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne
MHWI-Alatreon Icon.png Known as a symbol of destruction, people fear even uttering its name. It's rumored to control all of the elements, but most, if not all, records of its existence have been burned.


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Music Themes

Battle_Alatreon_Monster_Hunter_Generations_Soundtrack MH3/MHP3rd/MH3U/MHGen: Alatreon Theme
MHW_Iceborne_OST_Alatreon_Theme MHWI: Alatreon Theme


General Notes

  • Even if believed to have mastered all elements, Alatreon never uses all of them at the same time. On the ground, Alatreon uses only Dragon-element and Fire-element attacks. When it turns blue and spends most of its time in the air (see below), Alatreon uses Ice-element and Thunder-element attacks, and if it falls on the ground, its common attacks (like its charge) will lose their usual effect (for example, the charge won't inflict Dragonblight anymore).
  • Alatreon is very vulnerable to Paralysis and Sleep. However, as an Elder Dragon, it never gets exhausted and isn't affected by any Traps or Meat.
  • Alatreon is weak to Ice Element (then Water) when on the ground, and weak to Dragon Element (then Fire) when hovering in the air. It is slightly weak to Thunder when on the ground, but immune to it when in the air.
  • Front claws and both horns can be broken, wings can be damaged and tail can be severed for two extra carves.
  • Both horns must be broken for Skypiercers to be obtained in the rewards.
  • Unlike the Elder Dragons from previous MH games, the tail can be severed at any level of health, like usual monsters, but this won't affect Alatreon's power.
  • Alatreon doesn't have an aura like Kushala Daora or Teostra. However, it is able to muster its power and energy in its horns. At that moment, the horns will be surrounded by little sparkles. After a few minutes, it will absorb those sparkles and turn blue, before hovering around the area and starting a thunder and icy rampage for some minutes. In this Flight Mode, it is difficult to deal significant damage to Alatreon. In addition, it is more aggressive and more powerful. Breaking both horns or making it stagger by focusing on the head when the horns are surrounded by sparkles will prevent Alatreon from using its true power.
  • Using Flash Bombs will make Alatreon fall onto the ground from its Flight Mode.
  • During its Flight Mode (see above), Alatreon will sometimes cause wind which will make hunters fall over, much like Kushala Daora's wind barrier. This will happen during aerial charges.
  • If Alatreon hits one of the two ledge walls of the Sacred Land during a charge, its horns will become stuck for a few seconds.
  • At the end, it should destroy the wall, unless it is staggered. It cannot be ledged when both horns are broken.
  • If Alatreon's tail is cut during Flight Mode it will glow blue instead of red even when Alatreon lands.
  • Alatreon's horns begin to sparkle or turn white signaling it is ready to revert to the Flight Mode. If its head or horns take considerable damage during this time, the sparkles will disappear, postponing Alatreon's Flight Mode.
  • Alatreon's roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
  • Alatreon, Teostra, and Lunastra have the same sound effect when roaring.

Monster Hunter 3

  • You can no longer hunt Alatreon in Monster Hunter 3 because the online servers have been shut down.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

  • Alatreon can be unlocked by clearing all double monster quests.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

  • In MH3U, no sign of charging is visible on its horns and it appears that it can almost randomly go into Flight Mode. It will sometimes do its precharge move before jumping back and entering Flight Mode. Breaking both horns does no longer prevent Alatreon from entering its Flight Mode.
    • Alatreon entering its rage mode almost always results in it going into Flight Mode.
  • In order to unlock Alatreon, the player must clear all the village quests.
  • G Rank Alatreon is exclusive to an Event Quest.

Monster Hunter Generations

  • Alatreon can be unlocked by reaching Hunter Rank 80.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

  • Alatreon was added in Iceborne's fourth title update on July 9, 2020 (UTC).
  • This is the first time Alatreon has a unique icon as opposed to the icon that represents all other First-Class Dangerous Monsters.
  • Alatreon's physical appearance has seen some slight changes in the New World, with the wing membranes connecting higher up its body, the head and neck being noticeably smaller, and the tip of the tail bearing a hardened bone point.
  • Unlike in previous games, Alatreon can control all of its elements freely, regardless of the active mode. However, it will use the element Fire or Ice more in Fire Active and Ice Active respectively. While in Dragon Active, it will use all element attacks at equal frequency.
    • Alatreon still retain the flight mode, which it can initiate freely regardless of Active form. There are 2 moves that initiate flight mode, "Jump-back Fireball", and "Icicle Rain Initiate". After some times, if not forced to the ground, Alatreon will use either "Flame Breath Burst" or "Dragonic Dive" which ends its flight mode.
  • Alatreon now has 3 different modes, called "Active", which are Fire Active, Dragon Active, and Ice Active.
    • Alatreon will emit a powerful shockwave, called "Escaton Judgment", when changing between Dragon Active to either the Fire Active or Ice Active. This shockwave deals a lot of damage rapidly.
    • Players can weaken this shockwave by dealing large amount of elemental damage to Alatreon.
  • Alatreon will begin the fight in either Fire Active or Ice Active. After a while it will transition into Dragon Active, then eventually switch back to Fire or Ice Active via Escaton Judgement.
    • Breaking one of Alatreon's horns in Dragon Active will force it to shift to the element that was previously active, whilst failing to do so will cause it to shift to the opposite element.
    • Alatreon's color scheme and the arena background changes depending on it's Active. In Fire Active, Alatreon's color shifts to orange while the backdrop is entirely burning while in it's Ice Active, it takes a blue color scheme while the backdrop is entirely devoid of fire. In it's Dragon Active, it will shift to a purple color scheme while the backdrop is burning but not as much as it's Fire Active.
  • The element Alatreon starts in is determined by the name of the quest taken. Dawn of the Death Star has Alatreon start in Ice Active, whereas The Evening Star sees Alatreon start in Fire Active.
    • In the Special Assignment Blazing Black Twilight, Alatreon starts in Fire Active.
  • Alatreon can now control the Water element. However, this "water" is actually oil, and will ignite when hit with any of Alatreon's fire attacks.
  • Alatreon can now throw ice spikes that clump and enlarge on the ground. If its lightning attacks strike an ice spike, the ice spike will glow red and explode shortly afterwards.
    • However, the ice spikes sometimes will not violently explode or causing any damage. The cause of this is unknown.
  • All of its elemental attacks (save for its Dragon element attacks) seem to have a trace of dragon element, most notably its fire and lightning attacks.
  • After dealing enough elemental damage, Alatreon will temporarily exit out if it's Active where it takes equal damage across all elements.
  • Alatreon is vulnerable to Flash Pods only if it is not enraged.
  • After slaying it, Monster Hunter Tri's victory music will play.

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