HH-Icon.png Algiguiro (MH3U)
Wiki.png Attack 828 Buying Cost Upgrade Cost
Attribute Status Effect-Iceblight MH4 Icon.png Ice 220 N/A 25500z
Notes Note.green.png Note.blue.png Note.white.png Buying Materials Upgrade Materials
Affinity 10% N/A Barioth Carapace x4
Amber Tusks + x2
Barioth Pelt + x2
Sharpness Bonehorn-sharp12.png
Slots ---
Bonus N/A
Rarity 5
Description A traditional musical weapon of snowfield tribes. Its song begs boons of the mighty snow gods.
Family Tree:
Upgraded From >> HH-Icon.png Algiguiro >> Upgraded Into
Bariguiro Frigiguiro
MH3U: Hunting Horn Weapon Tree
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