The Ancient Forest is an area first introduced in Monster Hunter: World. This area is a thick lush forest that can't easily be traversed by normal means. The Ancient Forest is home to a variety of flora, fauna, and monsters.


As the name implies, the Ancient Forest consists of a massive forest, but is also comprised of clearings close to the coast and a combination of cliffs and massive trees that creates a vast vertical space.


This section of the map is comprised of mid-sized grasslands surrounded by the forest, many groups of herbivores can be found here including Aptonoth and the New World's Kestodon, other monsters that frequent this area include Jagras, Great Jagras, Kulu-Ya-Ku and Anjanath, who wander around these parts in search of food.

Lower Forest

The lower forest is thick and lush with greenery, which provides the perfect environment for Pukei-Pukei to camouflage itself, Great Jagras, Tobi-Kadachi, Rathian and Anjanath also wander these parts, this is a great location for collecting plants and mushrooms and groups of Mosswine can be found, many sections of this area contain bodies of water where Gajau can be seen.

High Forest/Ancient Tree

High in the cliffs and branches of massive trees, one can find the nests of wyverns such as Rathalos, most monsters found in the shorelines or the lower forest don't come here unless provoked, and they'll generally attempt to flee if the King of the Skies or another powerful monster makes its entrance.


Food Chain






There are 4 known locations of camps.

  • Southwest Camp (1) - Starting camp
  • Northwest Camp (8) - Unlocked through story
  • Northeast Camp (11) - Useful for hunting Pukei-pukei or Anjanath, found by crawling through gap
  • Ancient Forest Camp (17) - Near the Rathalos nest, automatically found during Bugtrapper quest


  • Many resources can be gathered from this location.
  • Vines can be used to trap monsters, leaving them open to attacks.
  • Some of the plants in this area can be used as weapons.
  • This area is similar in ways to the Jurassic Frontier as they both contain prehistoric plants such as ferns, horsetails, cycads, tree ferns, Araucaria, as well as a large, massive tree.
  • Rain is commonplace in the Ancient Forest, water usually accumulates in the upper areas, which can be used by hunters to forcefully push monsters into the lower levels.
  • The Ancient Tree, the landmark at the center of the Ancient Forest, grew to a massive size from the bioenergy of dead Elder Dragons nurturing it.