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Anorupatisu are Flying Wyverns first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G2.

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Very little is known about it except that it is a Flying Wyvern, a category including the likes of Gurenzeburu and Rathalos. It's blue and its main feature is its long, barbed horn. It also has a fin on its back and its tail is shaped like the one of a shark. It can swim through thick ice with the help of its spiked horn. Anorupatisu's barbed horn is highly similar to that of a Sawfish/Carpenter Shark.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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In-Game Description

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  • Anorupatisu is seen fighting a Pokaradon in MHFG's second trailer.
  • Despite being a Flying Wyvern, Anorupatisu shows some characteristics similar to a Piscine Wyvern like Plesioth.
  • When enraged, cold steam will begin to spray out of multiple parts of Anorupatisu's body
  • When near death, Anorupatisu uses the Dragon Element to enhance most of its attacks.
    • At this point, a static like aura of the Dragon Element will surround its body.

  • Anorupatisu's horn can be broken, its wings can be wounded, and its tail can be severed.
  • Anorupatisu's roar requires HG Earplugs to block and causes damage.
  • Anorupatisu's wind pressure requires Windproof (Hi) to block.