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In-Game Information

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Anorupatisu are a part of the Flying Wyvern class. A class that includes the likes of Rathian and Gurenzeburu.

Habitat Range

These Flying Wyverns have only been seen inhabiting the Polar Sea in the Old World.

Ecological Niche

Anorupatisu are deadly apex predators that roam the frozen wasteland flying through the air or tunneling through the ice in search of prey. These predators must eat a large amount of food in order to control their body temperatures and survive the extreme cold. Common prey includes fish, squid, hammerhead sharks, Giaprey, along with Pokara and Poka. But when attempting to prey on Pokara and Poka, these wyverns are at risk from attacks from large bull male Pokaradon. The large marine mammals are large and powerful enough to do serious harm to an Anorupatisu and there have been eyewitness accounts of the two beasts locked in combat. The deadly GiaoruguBarioth, and Brachydios can also present problems for the wyverns and are fierce competitors for food and territory. Toa Tesukatora maybe one threat that Anorupatisu choose to avoid. But despite these challenges, Anorupatisu are powerful in their own right when utilizing their long barbed horns, talons, and elemental attacks. In fact, Anorupatisu are quite well known for attacking and even eating Pokaradon and Giaorugu.

Biological Adaptations

Upon first glance, an Anorupatisu would appear to be a Piscine Wyvern with its shark-like dorsal fin and tail. But due to characteristics such as having the ability of flight, clawed feet, and having pupils in their eyes they were recognized as Flying Wyverns. The most defining characteristic feature of this wyvern is its long and barbed horn. The horn superficially resembles that of a sawfish/carpenter shark and uses this weapon in the same manner by swiping its head from side to side, slicing any fish or unfortunate creature to pieces. Anorupatisu are also powerful enough to tunnel through the thick ice of its environment at incredible speeds rivaling those of a Diablos. The flying abilities of the wyvern rival those of Rathalos and Berukyurosu. As with most creatures in the Polar Sea, these creatures are capable of producing ice-based attacks and powerful ones at that. But Anorupatisu harbor a deadly secret as they can also utilize the deadly and notorious dragon element due to specialized organs and will combine dragon attacks with their ice abilities.


Anorupatisu are highly aggressive and territorial predators. They will recognize any other creature in the area as potential prey even members of their own kind. As a result of this aggressive life-style, many Anorupatisu are covered in scars. This wyvern is so fierce and powerful that it has been called The King of the Polar Sea.


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