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In-Game Information

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Herbivorous monster living in the snowy mountains. Normally docile, but when provoked it will attack with its giant antlers. Its high quality pelts have many uses and its antlers are highly valued by the Guild.


  • Order: Artiodactyla
  • Family: Anteka
  • Species: Anteka

Anteka are deer-like Herbivores found in snowy regions.

Habitat Range

Anteka are found exclusively in the Snowy Mountains and Tundra.

Ecological Niche

Anteka are herbivores, and as such often become prey for arctic predators. Anteka are the perfect size to be an excellent food source for Giaprey. Larger predators like Lagombi, Barioth, and Blangonga are known to feed on them.

Biological Adaptations

Anteka are greatly adapted for life in the cold. They have long legs with thick, cloven hooves, excellent for bursts of speed as well as keeping the creature from sinking in the snow. Anteka also have thick, wooly fur that shields it from the frigid mountain air. Anteka are known for their large horns. They are present in both genders.


Anteka are fairly docile until provoked. If attacked by a predator, Anteka will charge them head-on before fleeing from the area.


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