Introduced in Monster Hunter 2 Armor Spheres are unique pieces of material that improve the effectiveness of armor worn by hunters worldwide. Though often difficult to find, they are a heavily sought after item as improving the armor a hunter currently has can be much more effective than trying to get an entirely new set of armor, particularly when abilities are involved. When choosing an armor set to use, it is generally recommended to pick by abilities (such as the Tigrex set's ever-popular quick eating or the Dark Akantor's reckless abandon) that suit the hunting style of the hunter in question, and then improving the armor to increase its defense. This way, the hunter still has his/her favourite abilities whilst keeping up with other sets in terms of protection. This is where armor spheres come in.

Armor can be upgraded by talking to the Blacksmith. Select Armorcraft, and then Improve Armor rather than create. You can then choose which specific piece of equipment you'd like to improve. For each Armor Sphere you use and an ever-rising maintenaince cost, you can improve a piece of armor by 2 defense per 'level' around 10-12 times on average but, depending on the armor, it may be more or less.

Armor Sphere Levels

Like Monster Bones, which increase in size and then quality, Armor Spheres follow a very similar quality path. As a general rule, lower level armor sets require more common armor spheres, whereas the rarer armor sets begin to touch on the rarer ones. An Armor Stone is a special type of sphere because it can used to create other Armor Spheres through combination.

  Type Rarity Description
ItemIcon019 Armor Stone 4 "Ore with a unique reaction to heat. Can be combined to make an armor coating."
ItemIcon019d Armor Sphere+ 5 "Dense and high quality. Treasured as a supplement to armor strength."
ItemIcon019b Hard Armor Sphere 5 "Hard, high density Armor Sphere. Rare material used in high strength armor."
ItemIcon019a Heavy Armor Sphere 5 "Thick, dense Armor Sphere. Rarely obtained, it raises the bar on armor strength."
ItemIcon019c Royal/King Armor Sphere 5 "Incredibly rare Armor Sphere with a sparkle. Further improves armor."
ItemIcon019e True Armor Sphere 5 "Near impossible to find Armor Sphere with hard to extract latent abilities."

Combining Armor Spheres

In Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Armor Sphere, Armor Sphere+ and Hard Armor Sphere could be combined using items you could regularly find on quests and an Armor Stone, but the incredibly elusive Heavy Armor Sphere could only be gained through the High Rank quests, either through mining, carving or rewards. As of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and all following games, all Armor Spheres can be created through combining, but require equally rare materials. Thankfully, all Armor Sphere combinations have a 100% success rate.

The materials needed to create each armor sphere are listed below but may differ from game to game.

  Amror Sphere Created Combination Ore Combination Bug
ItemIcon019f Armor Sphere Machalite Ore Killer Beetle
ItemIcon019d Armor Sphere+ Dragonite Ore Hercudrome
ItemIcon019b Hard Armor Sphere Carbalite Ore King Scarab
ItemIcon019a Heavy Armor Sphere Purecrystal None
ItemIcon019c Royal/King Armor Sphere Eltalite Ore Emperor Cricket
ItemIcon019e True Armor Sphere Mellanje Ore Phantom Butterfly


ITEM NAME                        ITEM 1                     ITEM 2                    SUCCESS RATE    ITEMS GAINED

ARMOR SPHERE               MACHALITE ORE     ARMOR STONE                 95%                        1

ARMOR SPHERE               ARMOR STONE       KILLER BEETLE                 95%                        1

ARMOR SPHERE+             DRAGONITE ORE    ARMOR STONE                  95%                        1

ARMOR SPHERE+             ARMOR STONE       RARE SCARAB                  95%                        1

ADV ARMOR SPHERE       CARBALITE ORE     ARMOR STONE                  95%                        1

ADV ARMOR SPHERE       FIRESTONE            ARMOR STONE                  95%                        1

HRD ARMOR SPHERE       GRACIUM               ARMOR STONE                  95%                        1

HRD ARMOR SPHERE       ARMOR STONE      KING SCARAB                    95%                        1

HVY ARMOR SPHERE       ELTALITE ORE       ARMOR STONE                   95%                        1

HVY ARMOR SPHERE       ARMOR STONE      EMPEROR HOPPER           95%                        1

TRU ARMOR SPHERE       MELDSPARE ORE  ARMOR STONE                  95%                        1

TRU ARMOR SPHERE       ARMOR STONE      FLUTTERFLY                      95%                        1