The Armory Granny (Japanese 工房のばあちゃん) is one of the people that have learnt how to craft from the Legendary Artisan.



She is a kind, elderly woman.


Not much is known about the Armory Granny's past, however, she is one of the few humans that have actually learnt how to use the smithy techniques of a Wyverian. Though said to be impossible for humans to learn these skills by Wyverians, the Armory Granny has perfected them. She now puts the skills into crafting at a workshop within Jumbo Village, and occasionally other places while traveling.


The Armory Granny usually wears kimono under her workshop gear. On her left hand, she wears a glove made from Rathian parts so she can handle hot iron, while in her right hand, she usually holds to a small iron hammer.


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