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Aruganosu are Piscine Wyverns introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Forward.5.


Aruganosu superficially resembles the likes of Jyuratodus and Lavasioth, only it is covered in gleaming silver scales, lacks armor of any sort, and has a kind of silver dust aura radiating around it.


Aruganosu utilizes Ice element attacks being able to hurl chunks of ice at opponents either in a single forward shot or in a forward triple shot, these cunks of ice also splash a paralyzing liquid on contact, it is also capable of creating frosty twisters. It can perform team up attacks with Goruganosu's Electrical abilities larger frigid electric twisters by mixing the traits of both types, they create these in two ways either via sending them towards eachother to mix, or slithering around one another to generate them. They can also tunnel through the stone floors with great efficiency and even leap up out like a dolphin jumping out from the water. They can even knock eachother out of Status Ailments and even "revive" and "heal" eachother when one is close to death.


Aruganosu are extremely territorial monsters that are mostly known for the constant fights with their gilded cousins, although if anything disturbs these fights they'll put things aside to take down the intruder.


It lives on the Tower 3, where it can easily tunnel through the solid stone floors. It has so far never been seen in any other environment, or without a Goruganosu


Aruganosu's name is based on the latin name 'Argentum' meaning 'silver', it is made up of "Ar" ("Aru" in Japan pronounciation) and "-ganosu" for a Lavasioth connection.

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In-Game Description

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General Notes

  • Aruganosu's tremors require Tremor Res +1 to block.
  • If Aruganosu is paralyzed, put to sleep, or near death Goruganosu will burrow up beneath it and launch it into the air, breaking it free of the status' effect and "reviving and healing" it, this is also done vice versa.
    • Players need to get them down to near death at relatively the same time to have the opportunity to finish them off.
  • Alongside Goruganosu it was first released as a Supremacy species of Lavasioth before going on to be defined separately from it.

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