Astera (Japanese アステラ) is a settlement first introduced in Monster Hunter: World. It is the home of the Research Commission in the New World.


Astera is built primarily out of wood, some taken from the very ships that brought the Research Commission to the New World. It sits below a waterfall between the Ancient Forest and Wildspire Waste.

Astera is more of a base than a village, built to support the Hunters and researchers as they explore the New World and its ecology. It is built in three primary tiers.

The Tradeyard is the ground floor, containing docks, supply caches, research "offices"(really more of a massive pile of books), a meeting area, and an Ancient Tree. Some of the former ships also serve as bunks for hunters new to the area.

The second tier contains the Workshop, where weapons and equipment are developed, and the Canteen, which serves food. lodging for veteran New World hunters can also be found here, as can a training area.



  • Astera was built by the First Fleet.[1]
  • Researchers gather info, hunters gather to hunt, technicians keep everything together, etc.
  • Occasionally, captured monsters are brought back to Astera for researchers to study. The last monster the player captures will be asleep on a platform next to the main gate.[2]
  • Hunters can freely roam the New World and take as many quests as they please.[3]
  • The Field Team Leader was born in Astera.[4]
  • Astera is powered by water turbines. The turbines use water currents from a nearby waterfall to provide the necessary energy for Astera, which is used for various equipment in the village.[5]


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