-5 flash bombs

-Pitfall trap

-Shock trap

-10 might seeds

-10 adamant seeds

-10 barrel bomb S

-3 Barrel bomb L

-2 Barrel bomb L+

-10 mega potions

-10 potions

-Some well done steaks


-Wroggi sword

-Rathian set


Snowball: the barioth will draw up his head and let loose a projectile at you, this inflicts the snowman status (same to muddy), just roll towards its side to evade (it has a relatively small hit box). After evading get some free hits in its head.

Run: the barioth will run towards you and then speed up suddenly, take care to roll out of its way when it starts because this move has no tracking.

Air pounce: upon seeing you when flying into a new area the barioth will pounce at you, be careful and roll towards him immediately when you see him pounce.

Hipcheck: the barioth will suddenly jump and position himself with his right side facing you, he will then body slam you very quickly. take care to roll directly away or roll out towards his left side. Get some free hits in his head If he is close enough.

Tail whip: The barioth will wind up his body and tail then release a tail whip with incredible range which inflicts iceblight. This is very dangerous. Roll directly away from him or towards him if you're close enough. If you roll into his side the tail will miss you and you can get some free hits in.

At the start of the fight, make sure you throw the flash bombs when he is close to you and not in rage mode, this will stun him but it will stop working after two times. Also remember to eat up at the canteen before setting out and pop some seeds when their effects wear off. When barioth is at low health he will start limpimg and sleep at area six, remember to put as many bombs and you can down and set them off with a barrel bomb S. Good luck and happy hunting!


-Barioths head and both arms can be broken and his tail can be severed.

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