Baruragaru are Leviathans introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier G3.


Baruragaru shares similarities to other Leviathans, notably the long body frame ending in a spear pointed tail; however, its limbs seem more developed for terrestrial environments and have numerous tendril like protrusions lining them. Their bodies are a light grey with light blue stripes with large red fins on their heads and backs with smaller brown ones on the neck and tail, their are also slit like lines along the heads, necks and tails which are actually fluid storage sacs, and most notably a long red proboscis-like tongue extending from their tooth filled maws that end several small barbs around a circular opening.


Baruragaru are capable of striking and burrowing with their strong front limbs and whipping their tongues around like a flail or lashing it like a whip, the tongue is also used for extracting fluids from its prey, Baruragaru is capable of temporarily gaining certain attributes from things it has drained. It will be able to use Poison based attacks if it drains an Iodrome, Paralysis based attacks if it drains a Gendrome, and blood based attacks if it drains a Velocidrome or even a Hunter. These blood based attacks have the ability to lower the sharpness of weapons. If considerable time has passed with Baruragaru not preying on anything, it will revert to using water-based attacks.


Aggressive and predatory in nature, it will attack anything it sees as prey or a potential threat.


The preferred habitat appears to be dark caverns with sources of water, like those found in the Swamp and Jungle. It can also be found in the few watery areas in the Desert.


Baruragaru's name is a combination of the Latin word for savage, barbarous/barubarusu (Japanese バルバルス), and the Spanish word for lizard, lagartija/ragarutiha (Japanese ラガルティハ).

Game Appearances

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
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General Notes

  • Being an invasive species from the ocean that feeds on blood, Baruragaru is similar to a Sea Lamprey.
  • Baruragaru is the first Frontier monster to utilize a pin attack, employed when draining blood from hunters.
    • Baruragaru also has three pin animations.
  • The fins on the top of its head and on its back can be broken, its arms, tongue can be broken and its tail can be scarred.

Monster Hunter Frontier

  • Baruragaru's wind pressure requires Windproof (Hi) to block.
  • Baruragaru's tremors require Tremor Res +1 to block.
  • If Baruragaru is interrupted during eating (most commonly by being made to flinch after powerful attacks to its tongue) a black flash passes across its body and the creature will moan in pain. For a moment it will look around in circles with its mouth bleeding heavily, before eventually recovering.
  • In its G-Rank quest in the Swamp it will readily attack the G-Rank Iodrome that appears alongside it. The same goes for both the G-Rank Gendrome in the Desert and Hardcore Velocidrome in the Jungle.

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