MH4U-Battlequarters Map

MH4U Battlequarters Map

The Battlequarters is an area introduced in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. It is located in and around Dundorma and is often the target of attacks from Elder Dragons and other powerful monsters.

Weapons and Items

The Battlequarters is armed with mounted Ballista Turrets, a newly modified Track Cannon which can be moved from one part of the area to another with multiple cannonballs loaded at once, and a Dragonator. In addition to these weapons, many types of supply items can be gathered from base camp and Areas 1 and 2.

Also usable in the Battlequarters are the new Garrison Ballista Ammo and a prototype Elder Dragon repeller called the Demolisher. This super-heavy cannon requires a Dense Marcoal to use and fires a concentrated blast of Dragon energy at its target.


  • The Battlequarters is actually a part of Dundorma.
  • The Battlequarters is an upgraded version of the Town map from previous games.
  • Both the Garrison Ballista Ammo and Dense Marcoal can be purchased from the Researcher in Dundorma after completing the Research Facility quest line.


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