Bazelgeuse is a Flying Wyvern first introduced in Monster Hunter: World.

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Bazelgeuse is a large Flying Wyvern covered in thick, heavy scales. It has a bulky upper body and a large wingspan. Its underside is lined with protruding scales that are easily shed. The monster occasionally enters a "superheated" state, causing the gaps between its scales to glow red hot.


Bazelgeuse uses its scales offensively during combat. It is capable of dislodging them at will from its body and quickly replacing them. Once dislodged, the scales violently explode, causing concussive damage to all foes nearby. However Bazelgeuse can also send out scales that drop on the field which will act similar to small mines, and will explode when attacked or when their owner slams its huge body against them. Bazelgeuse can also spit out a small blast of fire from it's mouth while in combat.


Bazelgeuse is a nomadic predator, and can be found across the New World. It often asserts itself as the apex monster in whatever environment it arrives in. However it is later revealed to have a habitat in the Elder's Recess.

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter: World
MHW-Bazelgeuse Icon A nefarious flying wyvern that travels the New World in search of prey. It scatters explosive scales over a wide area to prey on whatever gets caught in the blast.


General Notes

  • Bazelgeuse's head, back and both wings can be wounded, and its tail can also be severed.


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