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Berserk Laviente is an Unclassified Monster appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier G9.


Their bodies are now mixes of black, dark blue, and dark shades of grey with large patches of green moss growing on them as well, their tusks are also shaped differently curving to the sides instead of upwards and having spear like tips. And lastly the have a few small yellow crystals growing on their backs and heads.


Berserk Laviente share many attacks with its kin however have some new ones of their own including but not limited too.

Coiling around the area causing earthquakes sending rocks falling from above and making the ground shift, eventually making a sloped platform allowing the Hunters to get on its back, slapping the sides of the arena causing several large geysers to erupt before finishing with one that covers almost the entire area, if any Hunter is hit by the geysers they will be sent sky high into the air where Berserk Laviente proceeds to swallow them for an instant kill, slam its whole body on the ground causing massive eruptions of lava that leave parts of the area momentarily flooded damaging Hunters in said areas, cause an eruption which rains several large globs of magma around the area that slowly disappear after landing damaging hunters that touch them while doing so, and very very slowly charging up a massive fireball before breathing it at the center of the area, having a huge spreading impact radius where the only truly safe spots are on its back, or in the area between the head moves up and where the tail ends.


These colossal creatures are even more aggressive and dangerous than their kin thanks in part to their appetites which while not at starving levels like Violent Laviente is still immense.


Berserk Laviente dwell far below in their lairs, the Solitude Island Depths.

Game Appearances

Chronological Appearances
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None Logo-MHF-G9 (2015) Logo-MHF-Z (2016)

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier G
FrontierGen-Berserk Laviente Icon N/A

Music Themes

MHFG ラヴィエンテ猛狂期 キャラバンのBGM

MHFG ラヴィエンテ猛狂期 キャラバンのBGM

Berserk Laviente Theme (Caravan)
MHFG ラヴィエンテ猛狂期 支援のBGM

MHFG ラヴィエンテ猛狂期 支援のBGM

Berserk Laviente Theme (Support Quest)
MHFG9 ラヴィエンテ猛狂期 第1段階のBGM

MHFG9 ラヴィエンテ猛狂期 第1段階のBGM

Berserk Laviente Theme (Phase 1)
MHFG ラヴィエンテ猛狂期 第2と3段階のBGM

MHFG ラヴィエンテ猛狂期 第2と3段階のBGM

Berserk Laviente Theme (Phase 2 & 3)
Monster Hunter Frontier G9 - Berserk Laviente (ラヴィエンテ猛狂期) Phase 4 BGM Extended

Monster Hunter Frontier G9 - Berserk Laviente (ラヴィエンテ猛狂期) Phase 4 BGM Extended

Berserk Laviente Theme (Phase 4)
MHFG ラヴィエンテ猛狂期 第最後段階のBGM

MHFG ラヴィエンテ猛狂期 第最後段階のBGM

Berserk Laviente Theme (Final Phase)


General Notes

  • Berserk Laviente are old individuals who have spent many hibernation periods sleeping near underwater volcano's, the ore and soot changing their bodies into the rocky shades they are now.
  • You need at least 24 players to start a Berserk Laviente hunt and joining limit is 32 players.
  • Both tusks can be broken.
  • Breaking the yellow crystals will toppel Berserk Laviente for a moment allowing Hunters to more easily attack the head.
  • Berserk Laviente may attempt to knock Hunters off of it with a swing of its tail.
  • From Phase 4 and onward the geyser based attacks from the previous phases are replaced with lava eruption based ones. With the addition of the last blast raining several lava orbs on the area as well.
    • This is due to Berserk Laviente altering the area to be filled with lava, activating the numerous volcano's nearby.
  • Unlike most other colossal monsters like Dalamadur Berserk Laviente is susceptible to the Poison and KO'd statuses.

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