Black Gravios are Flying Wyverns and a Subspecies of Gravios introduced in Monster Hunter G.


Black Gravios is covered in a black hide with red spines. They are larger and heavier than the common Gravios.


Black Gravios is more proficient in the use of its heat beam, thanks to its sturdier body.


Far more aggressive than its grey counterpart, the Black Gravios will attack on sight. It will more commonly expel explosive gas than sleep gas.


Black Gravios are known to inhabit swamps and volcanoes, where ore deposits are abundant. However they can also inhabit forests like the Everwood.

Game Appearances

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Hard Core (HC) Black Gravios

FrontierGen-HC Black Gravios Render 001.png

Much like HC Gravios appears to just be a older version of standard Gravios, the same goes for HC Black Gravios. Though unlike normal HC Gravios the insides of this monster are burning hot like magma to the bone and it needs to vent heat more often to keep its temperature in check.

It has all the attacks of normal HC Gravios and uses the super beam attack more often along with new attacks. New attacks include making use of the pores on its tail to release flaming hot gas and sleep gas in a tail slam attack and the amazing ability to keep its self in the air while flying using its beam aimed straight down like a rocket to keep its self in the air while spinning, ending with a body slam and releasing the heat from the ground that it beamed as magma from burning the ground. This odd ability makes it the only Gravios variation that actually uses its wings for an actual flying attack instead of a jump smash.

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 / Monster Hunter Freedom Unite
MHFU-Gravios Icon.png A large wyvern found in volcanic zones. They possess a fiery breath attack and the ability to emit a sleeping gas. They also have extremely hard scales that deflect most weapon attacks.
Monster Hunter 4
MH4U-Black Gravios Icon.png グラビモスの亜種。その黒くて堅い外殻から”黒鎧竜”の異名を持つ。 通常種と比べて体内で発生する熱が非常に高く、より耐熱性を得る為に甲殻が黒く変色している。 豊富な熱量を体外へと放出する熱線は非常に強力である。
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★
Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
MH4U-Black Gravios Icon.png A Gravios subspecies distinguished by a hard black carapace that allows them to contain their own extraordinarily high internal temperatures. They sometimes discharge this thermal energy as an extremely powerful heat ray.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★
Monster Hunter Stories
MHST-Black Gravios Icon.png This subspecies has a tough, black carapace. It is capable of discharging powerful blasts of heat.
Monster Hunter Frontier G
FrontierGen-Black Gravios Icon.png (?)

MH4U Breakable Parts

Head (x1)
MH4U-Black Gravios Head Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Black Gravios Head Break 002.jpg
Belly (x2)
MH4U-Black Gravios Belly Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Black Gravios Belly Break 002.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Black Gravios Belly Break 003.jpg
Back (x1)
MH4U-Black Gravios Back Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Black Gravios Back Break 002.jpg
Right Wing (x1)
MH4U-Black Gravios Right Wing Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Black Gravios Right Wing Break 002.jpg
Left Wing (x1)
MH4U-Black Gravios Left Wing Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Black Gravios Left Wing Break 002.jpg
Right Leg (x1)
MH4U-Black Gravios Right Leg Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Black Gravios Right Leg Break 002.jpg
Left Leg (x1)
MH4U-Black Gravios Left Leg Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Black Gravios Left Leg Break 002.jpg
Tail (Sever)
MH4U-Black Gravios Tail Break 001.jpgIndent08.gifMH4U-Black Gravios Tail Break 002.jpg


General Notes

  • Black Gravios are accustomed to using their beam attacks more often than their grey counterparts.
  • Black Gravios' roar requires HG Earplugs to block.
    • Its roar when becoming enraged only requires Earplugs.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

  • When low on stamina, it will fail to shoot beams, produce gas, and will take longer to recover from attacks.
  • In G-rank, Black Gravios can shoot heat beams at random targets and release fire gas while walking.
  • It can become infected by the Frenzy Virus.
  • Its back, legs, wings, and face can be broken for the first time. Its stomach can also be climbed on and attacked as well.

Monster Hunter Frontier

  • Black Gravios can be a pet.

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