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Lovelessgirl35 Lovelessgirl35 12 days ago

Accepting Failure

The most important life lesson gaming is uniquely tailored to deliver is that failure can't be avoided. In fact, it's something we should embrace, so we can use it to learn all the other lessons life has in store for us. Educational institutions have a frightening tendency to encourage kids to settle for lesser goals rather than face the shame of failure.We're sometimes told that our gaming habits aren't helping. The argument runs that, by using games as escapism, you turn your face away from 'real world' problems..

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Clyde BlueSnake Clyde BlueSnake 12 April

Yashichi appearance in Monster Hunter Rise

First, what is the Yashichi? The Yashichi is a Capcom pinwheel trademark icon emblem that first appear as a enemy in Capcom's first video game, Vulgus and also a enemy in Exed Exes. It later appear in other Capcom games such as a recovery pickup (like in some Mega Man games, speaking of it was in Mega Man 1 where I first time seen it), collectible, icon, weapon, even it's name used as a filename like for the Aquila from DmC: Devil May Cry!

Now with it and Monster Hunter Rise. It make multiple appearances in it as a icon and a animated model! For as a icon, the guild card award icon for "Kamura Pinwheel" is it. And for as a model, four can be seen in front of the item box in the Shrine Ruins camp (they were even there in the demo as well), o…

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Night Fury Strike Night Fury Strike 2 April

MHRise Weapon Ramp-Up and Rampage Skills planning

In Monster Hunter Rise, Weapon Ramp-Up is a method of improving weapons further by augmenting them with Rampage Skills. Unlike in Monster Hunter: World and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, all weapons, whether they are fully upgraded or not, can be ramped up. Each weapon has its own Rampage Skills, though weapons of the same tree generally have the same Rampage Skills.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Rampage Weapons
  • 3 Rampage Skills
  • 4 Rampage Weapons's Skills
    • 4.1 Great Sword

Weapon Ramp-Up can be performed once the player has completed their first Rampage.

The materials needed to ramp up weapons, the Defender Tickets, are obtained solely from the Rampage, with each Rampage Skill requires different tickets.

Once the player has completed the first Apex Arzuros Rampage, the Ra…

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Clyde BlueSnake Clyde BlueSnake 4 February

Monster Hunter G for Wii: Kokoto picnic table food ingredients translated + combos

The food list is basically the same from MH1/MH G Minegarde (online) Guest House's Pawn Room. For those started from the Freedom 1 for the PSP, it's the food selection when ordering from one Felyne Chef in the Felyne Kitchen.

c. Tip if a ingredient not showing up on the list

In-game on the menu list it only shows 10 of the ingredients to choose from out of the 14. If you don't see the Japanese name ingredient on the menu, just get up from the wooden picnic table, then sit back down at it. The ingredients on the menu list will change.

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ExtraCheezy21 ExtraCheezy21 3 February

Help wanted

Hello everyone! Just a newbie here! well... not really.. Started with the FreshCheese account since like maybe 3 or 4 years ago and somehow lost that acc :(. ANYWAY, I was surprised I couldn't find MHFandom on Play Store, did sumth happen? Yeah anyway, recently I came back to MH4U again, and I just realized I am still stuck at Dalamandur Urgent Quest, soooo, does anyone here still play MH4U and maybe can help me out?:D

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Rathlord X Rathlord X 1 February

Imaginary Monsters

Name: Moon Empress Lunastra

Description: The Moon Empress Lunastra is an extremely rare variant of the normal Lunastra. Moon Empresses are easily distinguishable from their regular cousins due to being far larger than normal with sightings ranging from 50 to 75 meters in size. The Moon Empress is also far more powerful than the normal Lunastra and have stronger elemental attacks. The Moon Empresses signature attack is a combination of moves leading up to an explosion of incredible force. Witnesses of this move have said that she covers her opponents in a powder from her mane before lunging at them and delivering a bite to the neck that renders her victim paralyzed before she gnashes her teeth in a similar fashion to a Teostra and ignites th…

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JulianIssa12 JulianIssa12 1 February

MHW Seabound

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Rathlord X Rathlord X 27 January

Elder Dragon Strength List

Vote for who you think would win here ---->

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Rathlord X Rathlord X 26 January

Fire Drill is the worst quest in Monster Hunter History

It's stupid, I've done this a million times and I still can't beat it, even with fucking EXCELLO Z Armor, and a bloody Diablos Rod Glaive. I've looked online for anything to help and all I could find was people saying I should just abuse meds and spam the life out of dung and flash bombs. Istg the devs were just using it to torture us.

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Zuzek arbuzek Zuzek arbuzek 25 January


In mhw the Kirin Tree (dual blades) is:

kirin bolts>kirin bolts+>monarch

in mhw iceborn:

monarch>kirin bolts>kirin bolts+>wunderkirins

I don't own the dlc. In my game Kirin Tree looks like this

monarch>kirin bolts>kirin bolts+>wunderkirins.

Why? I don't have dlc, monarch should be the last one.

Also, materials used to craft monarch and kirin bolts are the same as in dlc.

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