Bloodbath Diablos are Deviants of Diablos introduced in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.


After one of its horns was broken off, a new but severely warped horn grew in its place, while its other horn grew to a massive size. Bloodbath Diablos also has bluish blood covering parts of its body, including its face, wings, and tail.


Compared to a normal Diablos Bloodbath Diablos has more physical strength and fights more aggressively. Despite its large frame, it can turn and charge at a foe with incredible speed, and devastate any unprepared opponents. When angered, red flame-shaped veins will appear on some portions of this individual's body. However, it has another enraged state beyond its first one. When greatly enraged, Bloodbath Diablos's secreted body fluids will begin to evaporate due to its intense body temperature, causing a sort of steam to spread off its body. The evaporation of the body fluids causes a steam explosion, which can easily push off foes that are near it. When like this, it can also change directions during a charge without stopping


Like Diablos, Bloodbath Diablos is highly aggressive. However, Bloodbath Diablos is described to be quite rogue when it encounters an enemy, especially if that threat is a hunter.

Game Appearances

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In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate
MHGU-Bloodbath Diablos Icon.png A desert legend tells of the brave armies sent out against the unimaginable cruelties that had besieged their cities and nations. None of them returned alive, and only the sands remained as witnesses of their efforts. This story has no hero or happy ending, only the wyvern known as "Bloodbath". Requires special permission to hunt.
Threat Level (危険度): ★★★★★★

Music Themes

Title Phase 1 Phase 2


General Notes

  • Bloodbath Diablos is considered the leader of the Deviants.
  • Bloodbath Diablos is apart of the Unrivaled Two in Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.
    • It is also one of the flagships in that game, the other being Valstrax.
  • Bloodbath Diablos is one of the few G-rank exclusive Deviants.
  • Bloodbath Diablos's legs, horn, and back can be wounded, while a portion of its tail and right horn can be severed.
  • Bloodbath Diablos won't enter its first Rage Mode until it loses a certain amount of health. When close to death, it'll enter its Massacre Charging State for its final, permament Rage Mode.
    • Bloodbath Diablos enters its Massacre Charging State at higher health thresholds at higher Special Permit levels.
  • When enraged, Bloodbath Diablos becomes weaker to attacks.
  • While in its Massacre Charging State, Bloodbath Diablos will occasionally be covered in white steam that can heavily damage hunters around it with a massive explosion.
  • In order to unlock Bloodbath Diablos, hunters must complete the first of each G-rank exclusive Deviant quest and beat the final boss, as well as gather all tickets earned before meeting these requirements from the pub manager.
  • Later in the fight, Bloodbath Diablos will charge immediately after a roar.
  • You can slay Bloodbath Diablos before it reaches phase 2

Monster Hunter Rise

  • While it does not directly appear in Monster Hunter Rise, Apex Diablos inherits many of its moves and abilites, such as the charge into the corkscrew dive.

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