MHXX-Sword and Shield Equipment Render 003


Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Weapons

Great Sword
MHGU-Great Sword Render 069
Massacre Blade
Indent01 Massacre Slicer
IndentIndent01 Vladys
Sword and Shield
MHGU-Sword and Shield Render 075
Massacre Club
Indent01 Massacre Bludgeon
IndentIndent01 Kristatu
Dual Blades
MHGU-Dual Blades Render 076
Massacre Spines
Indent01 Massacre Bonesplitters
IndentIndent01 Mithridates
MHGU-Lance Render 083
Massacre Lance
Indent01 Massacre Pike
IndentIndent01 Tsautsau
MHGU-Gunlance Render 075
Massacre Gunlance
Indent01 Massacre Ordnance
IndentIndent01 Krommell
Switch Axe
MHGU-Switch Axe Render 072
Massacre Hatchet
Indent01 Massacre Axe
IndentIndent01 Scipio
Charge Blade
MHGU-Charge Blade Render 067
Massacre Strongarm
Indent01 Massacre Enforcer
IndentIndent01 Column Buster
Insect Glaive
MHGU-Insect Glaive Render 069
Massacre Rod
Indent01 Massacre Mace
IndentIndent01 Bai Qi
Light Bowgun
MHGU-Light Bowgun Render 079
Massacre Buster
Indent01 Massacre Barrage
IndentIndent01 Kazusa
Heavy Bowgun
MHGU-Heavy Bowgun Render 078
Massacre Cannon
Indent01 Massacre Blaster
IndentIndent01 Ivanus
MHGU-Bow Render 057
Massacre Bow
Indent01 Massacre Flurry
IndentIndent01 Houyi

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