Bnahabra Armor+ (Blade)

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Total Defense                                       
Initial Defense: 114
Final Defense: 198
Fire Res: -20
Water Res: 0
Thundr Res: +6
Ice Res: 0
Dragon Res: +18
Other information
Rarity: 5
Total Slots: 3
Skill Effects
Skill 1: Status Attack Up
Skill 2: Razor Sharp
Skill 3: Double Poison
Skill 4: N/A
Skill 5: N/A

Slots & Descriptions

Armor Piece Slots Description
MH3icon-Helm.png N/A
MH3icon-Plate.png Bnahabra Mail+ O Insect chest armor made for an aristocrat with unusual tastes. Close fitting.
MH3icon-Gauntlets.png N/A
MH3icon-Waist.png Bnahabra Faulds+ O Waist armor created for a fanciful aristocrat, fond of collecting curiosities.
MH3icon-Leggings.png Bnahabra Greaves O Leg armor made of insect parts. A novelty, but excellently designed.

Skills: Status Atk Up, Razor Sharp, Double Poison

Resistance: -15 Fire, 0 Water, 0 Ice, +6 Thunder, +18 Dragon

An excellent early High Rank Armor when combined with Diablos Helm+ and Gloves+. When used in conjunction with a slotted weapon and two slotted charm (or two slotted weapon and slotted charm) you can get Razor Sharp, Status Attack Up, Tremor Proof, and Critical Draw. Required gems are three footing jewels, three critical jewels and an antidote jewel.

Another way to compile equipment around the Bnahabra set is to make use of the fact that it has no head and grants Status Attack Up in three pieces, making it a prime set to add Earrings to. The Blast Earring will make this set prime for sleep-bombing, while the Sword Saint Earring will work well in conjunction with Razor Sharp. Adding the Gigginox Vambraces+ gives you three additional slots, for a total of seven in the armor (plus any slots given from the head piece). Gigginox Vambraces+ will also negate Double Poison.

If you are not a fan of the natural purple, the entire sets color can be changed via pigmentation at the storage box. This allows it to "fit" the rest of your chosen equipment on the head and hands. Bnahabra Armor+ is regarded to be more of a 'fashionable' set than a 'functonable' one, although it has exceptionally good skills.


Defense Name Slots Required Materials
38~66 Bnahabra Mail+ O BnahabraCarapace x2, Quality Sac x3, Altaroth Jaw x3, Hercudrome x3
38~66 Bnahabra Faulds+ O BnahabraCarapace x4, Bnahabra Wing x10, Bnahabra Shell x10, Monster Broth x3
38~66 Bnahabra Greaves+ O BnahabraCarapace x10, Bnahabra Wing

x5, Killer Beetle x8, Monster Fluid x7

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