Uh, that's supposed to mean? And a continuation, or more like elaborating on why i don't think you have MH4:

1. Prior to Azo369 linking you to MH4 monsters, you didn't list a single one that wasn't in the game (Zinogre, Lagombi, Rusted Kushala, and dafuq is a new kushala? XD)

2. You prepare for the final monster yet cannot beat a neru (Then again, you may just suck lol)

3. The FC isn't just so i can play with you, it's a confirmation that you actually have the game. If you actually come on MH4 and show me that you have it, then you'll prove my sorry-ass wrong eh? And afterwords if you can't stand the site of my mii on your friend list, then delete me and it'll be like nothing happened.

Your move :P

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