Bogabadorumu are Flying Wyverns first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z Zenith.


Bogabadorumu have gray scales throughout their bodies with large red dorsal spines extending from their shoulders to their tails. Like some Flying Wyverns, they have large forearms with five claws each, with one on each side that is further up and curves back, narrow metallic plating lining them, and three pairs of light blue tubes with some parts exposed partially. Bogabadorumus' long tails have metallic looking plating on the sides and undersides with club-like ends that have three tubes on top that have a membrane connecting them. They have red eyes, short crocodilian-esque faces with maws full of sharp teeth, dozens of tubes running along their heads and part of their backs varying in size, with a single bit of exposed tubing on the forehead, and large dewlaps with light blue markings on them hanging from their necks.

When any of the parts are not primed to shoot any gas the tubing on those parts will be a light grey

When damaged enough Bogabadorumu will perform an attack to enter a second phase, it will create a huge obscuring gas cloud around itself before roaring and than blowing the cloud up, revealing itself in its second form. In this phase the blue on its tubes will be darker and the blue will also cover parts of its arms when those parts are prepped, the arms also now sport more tubes (six each, of varying size), the tubes also have red spines between them that turn a light green when the arms are prepared to shoot., the larger pieces of metallic looking plating lining the arms will also appear "tilted" upwards, making it look like a line of metallic spines.


Bogabadorumu are slow and sluggish but very powerful creatures. They are capable of digging and crushing opponent's with their enormous strength, but the real threat comes from the tube like structures all around their bodies, when prepped they can spray out large clouds of explosive gas which take but one strike of their claws or even a roar to detonate the clouds and blow their opponents to smithereens.


Bogabadorumu are highly aggressive monsters that attack anything that wanders close.


These bizarre behemoth's have been found inhabiting the White Lake and the Painted Waterfalls.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms

Bombardier Bogabadorumu

FrontierGen-Peerless Bogabadorumu Render 001.png

Main Article: Bombardier Bogabadorumu

An Extreme Individual version of Bogabadorumu first appearing in Monster Hunter Frontier Z Zenith.

In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier
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General Notes

  • Bogabadorumu's head, arms, and dorsal spines can be wounded, and its tail can be severed.
    • By breaking those parts, Bogabadorumu is unable to produce its explosive mist from them giving it less attack range and becoming overall less of a threat.
      • The arms can only be broken after midway through the fight.
  • Bogabadorumu is the first "stand alone Zenith".
  • When Gasurabazura came, it was actually said many species were spending most of their time hiding in the sand from something in the White Lake. This "something" it was hiding from actually came out to be Bogabadorumu.

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