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Bogabadorumu are Flying Wyverns first introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Z Zenith.

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Bogabadorumu have gray scales throughout their bodies with large red dorsal spines extending from their shoulders to their tails. Like some Flying Wyverns, they have large forearms with four claws, a single spike on each side, a pair of narrow metallic plating lines, and three pairs of light blue tubes. Bogabadorumus' long tails have metallic plating with three tubes that have a membrane connecting each other. They have red eyes, short snouts, sharp teeth, and tubular horns. Bogabadorumus' necks contain tubes on the top while having flaps of skin on the bottom with light blue markings on them. Lastly, their foreheads contain a diamond-like gem.


On its arms and tail are small tubes that release gas from its body which will explode once ignited. The explosions from this gas are massive in size.


In-Game Description

Monster Hunter Frontier
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  • Bogabadorumu's head, arms, and backfins can be wounded, and its tail can be severed.
    • By breaking those parts, Bogabadorumu is unable to produce its explosive mist.
      • The arms can only be broken after midway through the fight.

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