Item Name Description Items needed to make Rarity
Bomb Material Basic ingredient for making hand-thrown bombs. Sap Plant, Stone 1
Deodorant Removes item usage blocks. When thrown on the ground, its smoke deodorizes. Bomb Material, Sunset Herb 2
Smoke Bomb Creates a large cloud of smoke in the area where it lands. Bomb Material, Ivy 2
Poison Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb containing a toxic chemical. Popular as a household bug bomb. Bomb Material, Toadstool 2
Flash Bomb Bomb that flashes brightly upon impact. Stuns monsters. Bomb Material, Flashbug 2
Dung Bomb Creates a terrible smell upon impact, which certain wyverns dislike. Bomb Material, Dung 2
Paintball Can be thrown at a monster to mark it for easy tracking. Sap Plant, Paintberry 1
Gunpowder A dangerous chemical that explodes when disturbed or heated. Fire Herb, Nitroshroom 2
Small Barrel Bomb A small time bomb. (Cannot be used in the rain) Small Barrel, Fire herb 2
Small Barrel Bomb+ Upgraded Sm Barrel-Bomb. Not to be taken lightly despite its size. (Cannot be used in the rain) Sm Barrel-Bomb, Burst Arrowana 4
Large Barrel Bomb Powerful bomb triggered by external physical impact. (Cannot be used in the rain) Gunpowder, Large Barrel 3
Large Barrel Bomb+ Upgraded Lg Barrel-Bomb. Effective against wyverns. (Cannot be used in the rain) Lg Barrel Bomb, Scatterfish 4
Supply Barrel Bomb Upgraded version of the Large Barrel Bomb. Very powerful. (Cannot be used in the rain) N/A 3
Anti Dragon Bomb Small time bomb that attaches to an enemy. N/A 3
Lightning Rod Will attract lightning after a while. Can only be used during the rain. Burst Arrowana, Thunderbug 3
Bounce Bomb Upgraded Barrel Bomb that can bounce into the air. Skill needed to hit a foe. Sm Barrel-Bomb, Vespoid Wing 2
Bounce Bomb+ An improved Bounce Bomb. Great skill is required to hit a foe. Bounce Bomb, Bomb Arrowana 4
Sonic Bomb Emits a powerful, high frequency sound upon detonation. Gunpowder, Screamer 2
Net Powerful net able to withstand a certain amount of weight. Spiderweb, Ivy 2
Pitfall Trap Trap for catching certain wyverns. It is tripped by a heavy weight. Net, Trap Tool 3
Shock Trap A trap that can immobilize a monster. Used for capturing. Genprey Fang, Trap Tool 3


  • There is a bomb called "Supply Bomb", programmed into the game's coding, found only in the gathering quest. This bomb has power to kill a monster, but if person hacks to get it, the game will crash because there is no name or image.(the game will crash because it tries to load data that does not exist). This would suggest that the programmers thought of it at an early stage, but left it out.
  • There is also a bomb called "dummy", programmed in the game's coding, found by slaying Teostra in the quest called "JUMP Teostra quest". Upon impact, it does Thunder damage. It's icon appears to be a Yellow barrel bomb(Similar icon used onto Sm barrel Bombs)
  • In both Monster Hunter Freedom 2 & Monster Hunter Portable 2ndG, there is also a more powerful(& large) version of Rocket Barrel Bomb+ called "JUMP barrel Bomb" programmed in game's coding & cannot be found by normal means(meaning it is obtain through hacking with CWCheats). it flings to the air like rocket barrel bombs but with a propelling start
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