Charge Blade Icon White Rare 1
Bone Blade / 骨盾斧

MHGU-Charge Blade Render 017

Level: Attack: Special: Affinity: Slots: Defense:
LV1 80 N/A 0% --- N/A
LV2 100 N/A 0% --- N/A
LV3 110 N/A 0% --- N/A
LV4 130 N/A 0% --- N/A
LV5 140 N/A 0% --- N/A
LV6 170 N/A 0% --- N/A
LV7 210 N/A 0% --- N/A

Level: Sharpness: Sharpness +1: Sharpness +2:
LV1 Yellow Yellow Yellow
LV2 Yellow Yellow Yellow
LV3 Yellow Yellow Yellow
LV4 Yellow Yellow Yellow
LV5 Green Green Green
LV6 Green Green Green
LV7 Green Green Green

Phial Type: Impact
Description: A simple Charge Blade carved from a monster bone that is the basis of similarly styled weapons.

Acquirement and Upgrade Method:
Buy-able from Store: Yes Buying Cost: 3300z
Creation Materials: Upgrade Materials:

Monster Bone S / 竜骨【小】 x3
Iron Ore / 鉄鉱石 x2


Creation Cost: Upgrade Cost:
1650z N/A
Creation Byproduct: Upgrade Byproduct:
Bone Scrap x2 N/A

Level Upgrades:
Level: Materials: Cost:
LV2 Jumbo Bone / 大きな骨 x2, Brute Bone / 獣骨 x4 2200z
LV3 Monster Bone L / 竜骨【大】 x2, Shiny Beetle / キラビートル x4, LR Bone Materials x6 3300z
LV4 Wyvern Scalp / 竜頭殻 x2, Machalite Ore / マカライト鉱石x4, LR Bone Materials x10 4400z
LV5 Monster Bone+ / 上竜骨 x3, LR Bone Materials x12 5500z
LV6 Stoutbone / 堅牢な骨 x2, Avian Finebone / 上質な鳥竜骨 x4, King Scarab / 王族カナブン x4, Carbalite Ore / カブレライト鉱石 x4 16500z
LV7 Monster Hardbone / 堅竜骨 x2, Dragonbone Relic / いにしえの龍骨 x2, HR Bone Materials x10 17600z

Weapon Path:
Upgraded From: >> Bone Blade >> Upgrades Into:
N/A Charge Blade Icon White Desertfall (Level 2)
Charge Blade Icon Purple Guardian Blade (Level 3)
Charge Blade Icon Yellow Axelion Blade (Level 4)
Charge Blade Icon Yellow Lagia Storm (Level 4)
Charge Blade Icon Yellow Poisonous Veil (Level 5)
Charge Blade Icon White Bonesilt Veil (Level 7)
MHGU: Charge Blade Weapon Tree
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