Breeding Season Hypnocatrice are a Variant of Hypnocatrice introduced in Monster Hunter Frontier Season 1.5.


Breeding Season Hypnocatrice is a regular male Hypnocatrice during the mating season; the purpose of the brilliant plumage is to attract a mate.


Breeding Season Hypnocatrice is generally the same as the average Hypnocatrice in terms of abilities. It is slightly faster and more resistant to damage, however and also has an exclusive ability to launch several sleep projectiles up in the air to them fall on nearby hunters.

Other Non-Subspecies Forms


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Hard Core (HC) Breeding Season Hypnocatrice

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Able to be hunted at SR31+.

HC Breeding Season Hypnocatrice has more vibrant feathers than the normal variations and is more aggressive in behavior. It also has two unusually large crest feathers atop its head.

HC Breeding Season Hypnocatrice can perform powerful, erratic jumping attacks, and release a pink gas from beneath its body, which causes KO, followed by charging at the stunned victim.

Game Appearances

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In-Game Description

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General Notes

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