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In-Game Information

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"Personality variants Tigrex are fairly violent and aggressive. The Tigrex's developed using a limb, claws and jaws to deal powerful blow to all its adversaries, which must be noted that the Tigrex is the greatest danger to all hunters"


  • Order: Saurischia
  • Suborder: Wyvern Feet
  • Family: Rex

The Brute Tigrex is a Flying Wyvern. Its closest relatives are Tigrex, Molten Tigrex, Dyuragaua, and Mi Ru.

Habitat Range

Brute Tigrex have been seen in the Volcano (3rd), Volcanic Hollow, Sandy Plains, EverwoodDunes and Primal Forest

Ecological Niche

Brute Tigrex's role as a top predator is no different than that of Tigrex. It may hunt Rhenoplos, Volvidon, Slagtoth, Uroktor, and the Wroggi and Great Wroggi that live in the lower levels of the Volcano.

Biological Adaptations

Just as Tigrex has coloration suited to both tropical sandy deserts and freezing snowy landscape, the Brute Tigrex has just the right coloration to blend in with the Volcano's cliffs and crevices. It is confirmed that this altered coloration is the result of extreme heat causing volcanic ash and other such impurities to fuse to the Tigrex's shell. However, the presence of this ash seems to make its shell less effective at insulating heat, leaving the Brute Tigrex vulnerable to cold temperatures as well as ice-based weaponry.

Much like normal Tigrex, these Wyverns are powerful in every sense of the word. Their roars are even more destructive than their normal counterpart and can easily kill prey at close range, not leaving a single mark on victims. Unlike normal Tigrex, this variant is not as commonly found in the Tundra, being most commonly found in the Volcano but the Brute Tigrex can also be found in the Sandy Plains, but rarely.


Brute Tigrex appear much more aggressive and more maniacal in attacking in comparison to Tigrex. Brute Tigrex has been found to have a high metabolism, which could explain its aggressive nature.

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