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Brute Wyverns (Japanese: 獣竜種 Jūryūshu) are a flightless group of wyverns first introduced in the Third Generation. Greatly resembling nonfictional theropods, these monsters are well adapted for life on land, using their powerful hindlimbs to get around from place to place rather than using wings or other means to travel.[1] A common trait that most Brute Wyverns share is the small forelimbs that they can barely use, but there are some exceptions that have heavily developed those limbs to use in combat.[2]

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  • Brute Wyverns were introduced in the Third Generation of the Monster Hunter series and as such, no Brute Wyvern existed in the Generations prior to Third and in Monster Hunter Orage.
  • Despite its namesake, Brute Tigrex is not a Brute Wyvern.


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