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In-Game Information

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A large wild boar. Foul tempered, they will charge hunters on sight. They are aggressive and powerful, so beware! They are often hunted for their meat, which many hunters find delicious.


  • Order: Artiodactyla
  • Family: Bullfango
  • Species: Bullfango

They resemble large boars and are in the same order as Mosswine.

Habitat Range

Bullfango are extremely hardy creatures, able to live in almost any environment. They can easily be observed in a number of habitats ranging from the Snowy Mountains to the Volcano, as well as Swamp and Jungle. Bullfango are most commonly observed in jungles and other such woodlands, where they forage for mushrooms and low growing plants and shrubs. The only regions where Bullfango are not actively observed is in the Desert.

Ecological Niche

Bullfango are Herbivores, albeit very aggressive ones. Bullfango spend a good deal of time rooting through forest undergrowth searching for mushrooms. Bullfango herds are frequently prey for large predators.

Biological Adaptations

Bullfango's possess a tough furry coat. This fur is insulating enough to keep them warm in the mountains and other cold environments. Bullfango also have a powerful nose. Their snout if able to smell out any potential threat, be it human or wyvern, from great distances. Bullfango are most known for their tusks. These tusks are elongated incisors that continually grow as the beast ages. They are present in both male and female, with their practical purposes being defense and a digging tool when searching for food. Bullfango tusks are much larger in males. Once a Bullfango male reaches a certain size and tusk length, it is officially referred to as a Bulldrome.


Bullfango are a mean tempered species that don't tolerate anything. They are very well known for charging hunters without warning.

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