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English Name:N/A N/A
Nicknames: Brook, Bruck
Titles:N/A N/A
Romaji: Burukku
More Info
File:Burukku-icon.gif 非常に温厚でおとなしい草食種モンスター。 仲間意識が強く、群れの仲間に危害を加えられると団結して一斉に反撃を始める。
Species: Herbivore
Element/Ailments: Unknown
Weakest to: Unknown
Habitats: Highland
Size: Small and Medium
Other monsters in Relation: Popo, Aptonoth and Apceros
Even More Info
First US Appearance: N/A
First JP Appearance: Logo-MHFO JP Season 9 (2010)
Last Appearance: N/A
Generation: 3
Japanese Name: ブルック
Japanese Title: N/A
Korean Name: N/A

Burukku (ブルック), is a Bison shaped Herbivore that is exclusive to Monster Hunter Frontier and is one of the first small monsters, besides Erupe, to appear in the game. It first appeared in Season 9 and inhabits a new area called the Highland. This herbivore is likely a favorite prey to the Gurenzeburu.



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