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In-Game Information

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Caeserber are a Fanged Beast species that has recently been discovered by the Guild. They have also been discovered to have a Subspecies known as the Yellow Caeserber.

Habitat Range

Caeserber can be found living in Dawnwind Valley.

Ecological Niche

Caeserber are herbivores that feed on different types of fruits and trees near lakes or rivers. Caeserber prefer areas filled with plants due to this. Caeserber have to protect themselves from Bullfango, Velociprey, and Velocidrome.

Biological Adaptions

Caeserber have huge teeth used to chew through trees so they can build their dams. These teeth are also used to get rid of trees blocking their dam or to even pull out fallen trees as a weapon. Their claws can rip the ground apart with ease, leaving huge gouges in the ground. Due to Caeserber's shape and size, it can use its very weight to crush foes plus can even roll up into a ball, similar to Volvidon, in order to attack foes. The tail of a Caeserber can be used to throw mud at enemies from distance though its primary use is to stick mud to its dam.


Caeserber are highly aggressive monsters that will relentlessly attack enemies found in their territory until injured. Caeserber won't stop attacking until the enemy leaves or until they are greatly injured. When injured, Caeserber will retreat to the water before swimming off.


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