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Carapaceons (Japanese: 甲殻種 Kōkakushu) are crustacean- or scorpion-like monsters that have hard shells and exoskeletons or crab-like bodies, which mostly require weapons with at least green sharpness to break. When they're weakened by physical damage, they show internal bleeding by the frothing of the purple bubbles from their mouths. Most of these crustaceans resemble crabs, lobsters or scorpions.

Second Generation Carapaceons

Fourth Generation Carapaceons

Frontier Generation Carapaceons

Monster Hunter Online Carapaceons


  • Carapaceons were introduced in the Second Generation of the Monster Hunter series and as such, no Carapaceon existed in the First Generation.
  • There are no new Carapaceons in the Third Generation, Fifth Generation and the Monster Hunter Orage series.