Cathar is a small village located high up above cloud level, near Heaven's Mount. A small Wyverian farming community resides here with a market store and armory available for visiting hunters. North of the village is a shrine decorated with many pinwheels where the Grand Guru can be found during urgent times.

The Melding Pot

Near the bridge to the shrine is a small wyverian boy known as Maximeld XIV, who offers the unique service of melding items or talismans.

The Meld Items option allows you to multiply certain items (e.g. Kelbi Horn, Pale Extract) at the cost of frenzy shards, or zenith gems. The quality of shard or gem required for this varies by item.

The Meld Talismans option is for creating new talismans at the expense of three other talismans and frenzy shards. Up to three talisman melding orders can be placed at one time, each one requiring the hunter to complete a quest or expedition before it is finished. There are six different melding options, each of them requiring certain types of talismans and frenzy shards.

Music Themes

Cathar 【シナト村bgm】 Monster Hunter 4 Soundtrack rip

Cathar 【シナト村bgm】 Monster Hunter 4 Soundtrack rip

MH4 Cathar Village Theme


  • According to Maximeld XIV, the art of melding originated in Cathar.


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