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This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article, and may or may not be considered canon to the series.

In-Game Info

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Legendary Elder Dragons known as both 'shining giants of the depths' and 'great sea dragons'. Not confirmed to exist until recently. The Moga quakes were due to a Ceadeus butting its abnormally long horns into the earth.


  • Order: Elder Dragon
  • Suborder: Depth Dragon
  • Family: Ceadeus

Ceadeus are giant sea dwelling Elder Dragons that have only been recently discovered. Older Ceadeus individuals are called Goldbeard Ceadeus. It is said that Ceadeus and Jhen Mohran share the same common ancestor.

Habitat Range

Ceadeus have been found living in the deep depths of the ocean, making them a rare sight to encounter normally. One Ceadeus was encountered in the Underwater Ruin.

Ecological Niche

It is unknown what the feeding habits of a Ceadeus is, like most other Elder Dragons, so it is hard to say where it fits in the ecological niche. Recently, it was discovered that young Ceadeus only have one known predator, Nakarkos. This predator is believed to also become a food source for adult Ceadeus, albeit a highly dangerous one due to its ability to exploit the Dragon element.

Biological Adaptations

Ceadeus is up to 5837.2cm in length. Ceadeus has a special relationship with an algae, which is the reason why it has its beard. It farms for the algae with its beard and uses the glow from the luminous bacteria as a form of photosynthesis. With this algae, Ceadeus can spend longer times under the depths without having to come up for air. When it needs air, it will swim up with a burst of speed and jump out of the water for a breath. It is estimated a Ceadeus can hold its breath for about several months. Ceadeus has powerful fins and a tail fin designed for swimming in the sea with both power and grace. The horns of a Ceadeus never stop growing, and at times, the Elder Dragon will grind them against the sea floor, with enough force to produce earthquakes and tsunamis. It is believed that this behavior resulted in the destruction of an island on at least one occasion. Throughout their years, Ceadeus are able to use an organ called the Luminous Organ. This organ is used to help farm the algae it uses to breath. The luminous bacteria on its body reacts to the organ by reflecting the light.


The Ceadeus is known to be a rather peaceful creature until provoked. It won't take notice of hunters until it is greatly damaged by them. If Ceadeus is provoked, it'll try to kill its enemy with its immense strength.


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