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Cheval (Japanese シュヴァル) is a monster rider seen living in Hakum Village. After a certain tragedy, he would later become the Player's rival throughout their encounters.


Cheval is a gentle soul that can turn serious in an instant. The death of his mother by a Blighted Nargacuga changes him to an almost completely different person who's vengeful, ruthless, and power obsessed.


Cheval has always had a strong will to become a monster rider and to bond with all of his monsters. At one point, he lost his mother to a Nargacuga covered in a black blight. It was at this point something changed about him. Throughout the story, he becomes obsessed with the Black Blight and constantly clashes with the Player Character.


Cheval is a young Rider with long red hair and yellow eyes. At the beginning, he wears a white shirt that has green rectangular patterns, a chest guard attached to a shoulder pad on the right side of his shoulder, brown fingerless gloves, blue pants, and brown boots attached to metal knee pads. His most distinctive wear is a blue headband with two metal attachments.


After departing ways from Lute, Lilia and Navirou, Cheval made an Azure Rathalos Blademaster set from the Black Blight's Azure Rathalos he hunted along side his monstie, Rathi the Rathian.


Rathi the Rathian is his only Monstie in the game. Unlike the game, Cheval found Rathi before leaving Hakum Village and before transitioning towards his dark path. Rathi's bond with Cheval is comparable to Lute's bond with Ratha. In the second season, she goes through the Rite of Channeling, and obtain the abilities of a Barioth, gaining a blue tint in the process. She is able to use the Kinship Skill Scorching Slice.

In the anime, Cheval's Monstie also include:

Velocidrome Cheval's very first Monstie after becoming a Rider. It was his main Monstie before obtaining Rathi.

Nargacuga Cheval's second confirmed Monstie after deserting Rathi. Despite his history with its kind, Cheval chose Nargacuga for its speed. However, after defeating a Blighted Black Diablos but then failing to defeat a Diablos that emerged shortly after, Cheval abandons it. In the second season, a reformed Cheval reunites with it, but it rejects him as it hasn't forgiven him. When Cheval save its life from a Ebon Rider, Nargacuga become his Monstie again.

Great Baggi(formerly) During Cheval's obsessed battle against the Black Blight, he ends up abandoning a Great Baggi due to most likely deeming it worthless. Its fate remained unknown.


  • Unlike most Kinship Stones, his is colored red and black.