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In-Game Information

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Chramine is a Bird Wyvern that was discovered within the Mezeporta district. Its only known relative is the Ice Chramine.

Habitat Range

Chramine have been seen inhabiting the Thunderous Sands.

Ecological Niche

Chramine are in the middle of the food chain. Though its unknown what their diet is, however, these monsters have to compete with Cephadrome, Gendrome, and possibly even Yellow Caeserber.

Biological Adaptions

The wings of Chramine aren't very good for flying so its wings are slowly beginning to degenerate. To make up for their poor flying abilities, Chramine have very powerful legs that allow them to run at very high speeds. The outer shell of Chramine is used to protect it from the powerful sands in its environment. Chramine's most well-known feature is its Thunder Oil. This transparent, slimy oil will go from green to yellow before eventually exploding, once planted on the ground. If this oil is combined with sand, the oil will explode almost immediately.


Chramine are quite aggressive and many call them the Giant Deranged Birds. The main reason for this due to them spreading all this slimy oil on the ground throughout their whole territory and attacking anything that moves in their territory. This makes them believe that Chramine have a lust for destruction.


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